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Currently, exams are delivered in two formats – in-person or online (with or without ProctorU®). If you have any questions, please reach out to the Registrar’s Office.

Before the Exam

Exam Schedules

  • General exam periods are posted on Quercus.
  • Exam attendance is mandatory; students must plan all other events around their exams. Specific exam schedules are typically posted at the beginning of each term providing students ample time to plan ahead. Please note that exams are often scheduled on days and times outside regular class time.

Exam Location and Room Assignment

Course Page for all exam location information, including:

  • Building (i.e. Rotman, U of T Exam Centre)
  • Exam room

Be sure to note specific section and/or surname assignment.

In Students’ Lockers

  • Cell phones, smart watches, smart glasses, Fitbits, electronic dictionaries, music players, headphones, or any other device not expressly authorized. Candidates in violation of this rule are liable to penalties under the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters.
  • All personal belongings and bulky clothing including bags, purses, coats, jackets, sweaters, hats, etc.

Arrival Time

  • Plan to arrive 15–20 minutes in advance; wait until permitted to enter.

During the Exam

Exam Room Protocol


  • No talking from exam start to finish. Keep quiet while exams are collected and counted.
  • The Chief Presiding Officer or Invigilator has authority to assign seats to candidates.
  • Students must remain seated for the first hour (washroom excepted) and final 15 minutes (no exceptions).
  • If students arrive late, they will not receive any additional time. Should students arrive 45 minutes past the start time, they must report immediately to the Registrar’s Office. Application for accommodation will be required, and is not guaranteed.
  • Only one person may visit the washroom at a time, signing out/in with their TCard.
  • Any student who abandons the exam for medical reasons must obtain a University of Toronto Verification of Student Illness or Injury Form from the Proctor before leaving the exam room and immediately seek medical attention for assessment and a doctor’s validation note. Students must contact the Registrar’s Office to officially apply for an accommodation within 24 hours. A make-up cannot be guaranteed.
  • A clock will be posted on screen.

At Students’ Seats

  • TCard
    • Display at top left or right-hand corner of the desk.
  • Writing utensils
    • Ziploc bags or clear plastic pencil cases only.
  • Authorized exam aids (i.e. programmed or non-programmable calculator) as instructed
    • No sharing is permitted. Only one device per student unless otherwise stated.
  • Analogue watch or timepiece
    • Display at top corner of desk.
  • Beverages and soft (quiet) snack foods, if needed
    • Keep liquids away from papers, calculators and laptops.
  • Kleenex, basic foam earplugs, if desired.

Labelling Exam Documents

Students should ensure they clearly and correctly record their Student Number; Course Name and/or Code/Section; and Instructor on all exam documents. Exams with missing or incorrect Student Numbers cannot be graded.

  • Exam Candidate Forms
    • Provide all info requested, including assigned seat, if applicable.
  • Exam Cover Page
    • Provide all info requested, including checkbox to acknowledge Academic Code.
  • Scantron Form (if used)
    • Provide all info requested (“form code” generally not applicable).
  • U of T Exam Booklets (if used)
    • Provide all info requested (list course code with section), but do not write name. Label multiple booklets “1 of 2,” “2 of 2,” etc.
  • Scrap Paper
    • Will not be marked; will be shredded immediately after exam.
  • Crib Sheets (if permitted)
    • Label with Student Number and hand in at the end of the exam.

Exam End

When the end of the exam is called, students must:

  • Immediately stop writing or typing—failure to do so is a violation of the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters, subject to penalty.
  • Insert all paper into Exam document or one Exam Booklet (if used)—no paper leaves the room.
  • Hand a single bundle directly to Proctor—do not hand down the row.
  • Keep quiet and remain seated until all counts are complete and the room is released. This will take several minutes.

Special Circumstances — Application for Accommodation and Make-up Exams

Students with special, unexpected circumstances such as illness or grave personal difficulties must immediately contact their Assistant/Associate Director to officially apply for accommodation. Please note that application does not guarantee that alternate arrangements will be made. Students should not approach instructors regarding alternate arrangements.

Exam Review

Full-Time and Morning and Evening MBA

Important Details

Students who have written a Rotman final exam within the last eight weeks, and who believe that there was a grading error, may request a viewing of their exam with the instructor. Requests must be made directly with the instructor.

Students must provide a clear rationale for the suspected error. Requests that simply say “I believe my answer is correct” or “I believe my answer deserves more points” (or anything along these lines) without a clear explanation of why your answer matches the grading scheme outlined in the solution guide will not be reviewed.

Note: The instructor will regrade the entire examination which may result in an upward or downward adjustment of the grade, or no change at all.

Professional and Specialized Programs

Students in the following programs must contact their Associate Director to review their exams or other deliverables:

  • Executive MBA
  • Global Executive MBA / Rotman SDA Bocconi Global Executive MBA
  • Global Executive MBA for Healthcare & the Life Sciences
  • Master of Finance
  • Master of Financial Risk Management
  • Master of Management Analytics
  • Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting

Online Proctoring

Online exam(s) within this course may use online invigilation provided by ProctorU®, an online proctoring service that allows completion of the assessment from an off-campus location. In all cases, remote recordings and desktop monitoring of the exam will be made and reviewed and held for a limited period of time in order to ensure academic integrity is maintained.

With live proctoring, the remote recordings and desktop monitoring are overseen by a highly-trained human proctor who closely monitors students during the entire exam. The University of Toronto has an institutionally endorsed agreement with ProctorU® that protects the privacy of the recordings, and other personal information.

Set-up Requirements

Access to a computer that can support remote recording is students’ responsibility. Students will need to ensure they can complete the exam using a reliable computer (tablets are not supported) with a webcam and microphone available, as well as a high-speed internet connection. Please note that students will be required to show their TCard prior to beginning to write the exam. ProctorU® has support documents available. These will be provided prior to the exam date and an opportunity to test students’ set-up will be provided.

Academic Integrity and Requirements During the Exam

Students taking their examinations online must agree to be proctored by ProctorU® throughout the duration of the exam. All components of the online proctoring service must be maintained for the duration of the exam.

With live proctoring, the human proctor may reach out to the student if they lose the ability to proctor the exam (e.g. camera view obstructed, loss of remote desktop view). If the proctor contacts the student during the exam through a pop-up message, voice, or a loud beep, the student is expected to respond to the proctor. Failure to respond to the proctor and/or failure to maintain all components of the online proctoring service during the exam threatens the integrity of the exam and will be investigated to determine whether an academic offence has been committed as per the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters.

At the completion of the exam, a report of student exam-taking behaviours is generated. Exam grades will not be released to students until the integrity of the exam has been verified through ProctorU®, the instructor, and Rotman IT staff.

For additional information about online proctoring please see course information in Quercus, or visit University of Toronto’s Online Proctoring Guidelines.

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