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General Information

Rotman aims to provide a state-of-the-art learning environment for students and to enhance the Rotman community.

Access to a laptop computer using Microsoft Windows is expected/required for all Rotman School students. The primary role of the laptop is as a communication vehicle outside of class, and as a note-taking device for classroom use. It is not intended for communication or internet access in class, unless the instructor specifically requests such use. The role of the HUB is to enhance learning and facilitate course and general administration by providing a communications platform between faculty, students, and staff.

These guidelines are intended to suggest appropriate norms of behaviour with respect to the use of technology. Common sense and respect for others are the overriding rules.

Appropriate Use of Technology

The various Rotman computers, network, and other technologies are in place for the students to support their academic objectives and requirements. It is expected that students will use the technology responsibly, with consideration of their fellow students and other members of the University community and in line with the Appropriate Use of Information Technology Policy.

While the University does not actively police its network, it will investigate properly identified allegations or unusual network activity.

General Conduct

All use of technology should be consistent with the previous statement of purpose, and should not compromise the collective or individual interests of members of the Rotman community. Students’ access to the technology is primarily through the University’s wireless network. Bandwidth provided by the wireless network is a limited resource and, therefore, all students are limited to 5 Gigabytes a week (uploading and downloading).

Authorized Use

Use of the HUB and of individual course sites is restricted to authorized users only. Passwords are not transferable to any other individual, within or outside the school, other than for purposes of system administration.


The Rotman School of Management has developed the HUB web portal: an online information system to provide daily information and services to the Rotman community. This platform provides users with a simple, single, and personalized place to communicate, collaborate, and share knowledge. The portal includes event information, course materials, a calendar, and information on communities. The HUB is conveniently accessible through any internet connection—both at school and off-site.

Instructors use the HUB/Instructor Tools to access relevant course and teaching information and Internet links.

Technology in the Classroom

The classroom is the domain of the professor, who may choose to establish specific expectations around the use of technology. Out of consideration for other students, cell phones, PDAs, and pagers should normally be switched off during class. Laptops may be used for in-class communication or web access at the instructor’s request.

Wireless Network

The wireless technology in the Rotman School enables students to connect to the Internet, Quercus, the HUB, and student printers anywhere in the Rotman building. The wireless network is also installed in most buildings throughout the University of Toronto campus.

While in the Rotman School, students have internet connectivity through the wireless network. Rotman does not provide for Internet connection outside of the Rotman building.

Email Address and Internet Connectivity

All Rotman students will receive a Rotman email address that all faculty, staff, and colleagues use to communicate with students and students are encouraged to use it for all communications. This email address will be yours for life and will continue to be active, as a forwarding email mechanism, after graduation. Note that this is the only email address the Rotman community will use to communicate with students.

The University of Toronto also provides an email address separate from the Rotman address upon registration and uses this for all official communication from the University (outside of the Rotman community). Students are strongly encouraged to forward this to their Rotman email address so as not to miss important University communication.

Please visit UTORid for instructions on how to activate your University-issued email address and forward your messages.

Help Desk

The Rotman Help Desk is available to assist with the changing of passwords, questions regarding Quercus, Webmail usage, laptop setup for wireless connectivity, printing, and other related questions.


There are black and white printers available for use by students. Printing costs $.05 a page. At the start of the program, students will have a $20.00 credit added to their Printer Points account. Additional points can be purchased from the Registrar’s Office or on the HUB/Student Tools. Please note that Printer Points are non-refundable and/or non-transferable.

Please note that Printer Points are non-refundable and/or non-transferable.

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