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General Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

Below are some common questions. If student have questions not seen here, please contact the Registrar’s Office at 416.978.1729 or email us.

Can students still add/drop a course after the deadline?

Yes. If students wish to add or drop a course after the Rotman deadline, but within that of School of Graduate Studies (SGS), please contact the Registrar’s Office to complete a School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Add/Drop Form (PDF). The instructors’ permission is required for either adding or dropping a course. Final approval of a course drop rests with the School of Graduate Studies, not with Rotman.

For more details, see Course Drop.

Who can audit Rotman courses? How do students audit a course at Rotman?

Rotman students and Rotman alumni can audit courses. First priority is given to current Rotman students, followed by alumni. External students/public are not permitted to audit Rotman courses.

Current student or alumni will require the permission of the course instructor in writing, and a completed Rotman Auditing Request form found in Forms. Submit documents to the Registrar’s Office.

Note: Due to high demand, applicants may not get a spot in the desired course.

How can students apply for academic accommodation?

See the Academic Accommodations policy.

What is considered a regular course load in the elective phase of the MBA program?

  • For FT MBA:
    • Regular course load during the electives phase (i.e. Years 2 and 3) is five courses per term.
    • Terms include Intensive Terms (i.e. course load for Winter Intensive and Winter/Spring terms combined is 5 courses)
    • RSM1160H may be added as a sixth.
    • Students wishing to overload, i.e., take a sixth elective, please refer to the Overload section.
    • Students doing RSM1380H Applied Management: Placement, are limited to taking one course, in addition to RSM1380H.
    • Combined programs – Please consult the Assistant Director for your section.
  • AM/PM MBA – Please see Curriculum Overview in the Curriculum section
  • Executive MBA programs – Please consult the Associate Director for your program

Can students take courses outside of Rotman during their program?

What is the difference between overloading and taking an extra course?

Extra Courses are courses that are taken above those required to meet degree requirements (more than 9 + Internship + RSM1213 – Model-Based Decision Making in Practice + RSM1160 – Ethics). There must be space available in the course in order for an extra course request to be processed.

Overload Courses are additional courses to the regular course load per term. They may also be considered an Extra Course in the event that the Overload request leads to a total elective course registration in excess of 9 courses.

If a student needs a letter to confirm program registration, where can they get this?

Program registration is confirmed by the School of Graduate Studies (SGS). They can complete the Request for a Letter Confirming Registration (PDF) found online or available at the Registrar’s Office and email or bring it to SGS in person at 63 St. George Street. At this time, SGS is only accepting these forms via email.

How do students get a discounted GO Transit monthly pass?

The TCard Office no longer accepts applications. They are now processed directly through GO Transit.

Graduating Students and Alumni

Can a degree be mailed to a home address?

The Office of Convocation will mail out diplomas, however, there is a fee associated with this (varies depending on location). Students can also pick up diplomas in-person after convocation from their Office (Simcoe Hall, 27 King’s College Circle).

When does UHIP expire and what are options with health insurance post-graduation as an international student?

If students graduate in June, they will be automatically enrolled in UHIP for a two-month extended period expiring 31 August. This extension is part of the UHIP 12-month enrollment period and students are not able to opt out. UHIP will not provide coverage for more than two months after graduation.

If students graduate in November, they have the option of extending UHIP coverage for a period of two months (e.g. September and October of their graduation year). UHIP will not provide coverage for more than two months after enrollment in studies have been completed. More information is available on the Centre for International Experience website. 

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