You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.  Plato

The Rotman Gaming Club was originally established as a social club to play a variety of games.  The club has now expanded its focus to include career events for people interested in working in the Gaming Industry. This is a booming industry and Canada has the third largest market cap. Gaming provides opportunities for one to exercise skills such as strategic thinking, negotiations, and game theory in a friendly risk-free environment. The Rotman Gaming Club aims to connect the current MBA students through social events such as board game nights, video game nights, escape rooms and other stress-busting activities.

Welcome to the Rotman Gaming Club!

We are still planning events for the coming 2018-19 year, but please see below for a list of tentative events! See the events page for full details


 Event  Timeline
Exam Recovery @ Get Well October 18, 2018
Escape Room November 2018
Industry Night (with Technology Club) November 2018
Video Game Bar January – February 2019
Negotiation Games (with Negotiation Club) March 2019


We encourage all members to share the games that they’re interested in. If there is a game you would like to play, bring it to one of the gaming events or talk to one of the RGC executives about having a special event (e.g. tournament, LAN, get-together, etc.).