3 ways to develop industry connections in financial risk management

There are 3 ways that the Master of Financial Risk Management (MFRM) program at Rotman will help you develop industry connections to jumpstart your career. We made sure you’d get many opportunities to connect with industry when we designed this program by mobilizing our powerful Financial Services Advisory Board (FSAB). The FSAB includes faculty members such as John Hull and Tiff Macklem, and industry leaders such as Bay Street veteran Richard Nesbitt. This Advisory board will influence your experience in the MFRM program in three main ways, as you’ll be able to:

Financial Risk Management Industry Experts - Rotman Financial Services Advisory Board

  1. Attend guest lectures by industry leaders. During the program, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in guest lectures and networking events with some of Toronto’s most prominent Financial Risk Management leaders. You’ll learn from their experience; get their insights about the industry, and inside thoughts about particular companies and organizations.
  1. Engage one-on-one with Financial Risk Management professionals. From December to January you will complete an integrated project that will focus on creating solutions to a timely risk management problem. In fact, the topics will be selected by the members of Rotman’s Financial Services Advisory Board who are practitioners in the field of risk management. You can count on their guidance throughout the project, as each team will connect with an industry professional who will act as a project mentor and consultant. This will be your chance to really put your knowledge and skills into practice; test yourself and learn from those who have worked on real-life financial risk management problems.
  1. Present your integrated project to industry professionals. Finally, at the end of the integrated project, each team will present in front of the members of the advisory board. Remember that these are industry leaders working in major banks and financial institutions in Toronto and internationally. This will be a chance for you to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and your ability to communicate to senior executives. Be ready to impress!

Helping you make connections is just as important to us as helping you build your financial risk management savvy and skills. So, what are you waiting for? Email mfrm@Rotman.Utoronto.Ca to connect with our recruitment team, click here to learn more about the program, and start your application today.

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