Are You Job-Market Ready? Become an Expert in Financial Risk Management

There is an increasing need for financial risk management professionals due to globalization and the transition of traditional markets into knowledge economies. Richard Nesbitt, Chief Executive Officer of the Global Risk Institute for Financial Services, believes that this intensifies the potential risks that organizations face.

Financial Risk Management

As companies become public, expand internationally, and deepen their processes and reach, the environment becomes more uncertain and companies become more vulnerable.

The Rotman School of Management designed our newest Master’s degree as a program that arms graduates with the tools and strategies companies need to tackle risk management problems successfully. With the Rotman Master of Financial Risk Management, you could become a leader in financial risk management.

Imagine overseeing and implementing a new risk program for your company’s international expansion into a new world-region, or consider the possibility of being at the center of assessing the risk of a merger or acquisition. Whether it is market, credit or operational risk, a career in risk management promises challenge and excitement. If you want to be part of this exciting industry, check out our new MFRM program and read more on how to apply.

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