Toronto, Canada – Financial Capital, Vibrant Home Base, Multicultural City

We think Toronto is one of the best cities in the world – and it’s not just because our Rotman School of Management makes this great Canadian city our home. While Canada is famous for its hockey, maple syrup, and having a parliamentary democracy – we want to share what it is that makes Toronto so special. The connection between people, organizations and our city is extremely important! Don’t just take it from us, this is said time and time again by scholars and writers such as Richard Florida (who also happens to be a Professor of Business and Creativity at Rotman) and Charles Montgomery.

With this in mind, here are 3 reasons why Toronto is a great city:

  1. Toronto is the financial capital of Canada. While you will find the parliament and federal government established in Ottawa, Toronto is the place for business connections. It is no coincidence that so many Canadian companies have their headquarters in Toronto. Certainly, the major Canadian banks all have head offices in Toronto’s Bay Street. This aspect has benefited the city so much that it has also supported an influx of innovation resulting in a growing startup scene.

Toronto CN tower

  1. Toronto is, above all, a multicultural city. Toronto is home to people of various backgrounds who altogether speak over 140 languages and dialects. If this wasn’t enough to convince you that this city hosts people from all parts of the world, check out a list of neighborhoods, outlining the different communities that make up this city. From Chinatown, to Little India to Greek Town, Toronto has a neighborhood that represents just about any culture.

Toronto Chinatown

  1. Toronto has a vibrant cultural scene. To attract great talent you need to offer opportunities for creativity to flare. This can only be possible in a community that is welcoming of innovation and the arts. Lucky for Toronto, this city hosts major events such as the Toronto Fashion Week, the Honda Indy and the Toronto International Film Festival. In addition, Toronto is also home to great cultural centres such as the Royal Ontario Museum, the Ontario Science Centre, the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Canadian Opera Company. With all these events and great cultural venues, this city has become an important tourist destination and a great place to live!

We hope you’ll fall in love with this amazing city!

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