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The Rotman Sales Club

Creating Opportunities for Success

Growth Mindset

We work with the mantra: “opportunities don’t just happen, you create them.” By creating opportunities for Rotman students, the RSC is devoted to helping our community expand and grow.

Community & Network

We are a network of students, alumni, entrepreneurs and professional across a variety of industries, experiences and roles, ready and willing to connect and share our experiences. 

Skills & Knowledge

From communication and presentation to creating a sales funnel and ultimate negotiations, we curate events and experiences to bring sales skills and knowledge to the Rotman MBA. 

From Theory to Practice

Sales is often cited as one of the most useful skills for company founders and CEOs. From making a sale, to pitching a venture, to presenting in the boardroom, the ability to convey and convince others of value is critical. 

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A Dynamic Team

Strategy, technology, consumer goods, finance and social impact all walk into a room. What do you get? 

The RSC Executive Team 2021-2022.

Our team consists of a diverse set of skills, experiences and geographies, but we all have one thing in common: we recognize and understand the importance of sales.

That is why we are dedicated to creating the best events to connect Rotman with industry, and to build sales skillsets. 

To learn more, check out our Executive Team bios and feel free to reach out to us! 

Want to know more?

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