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About Us

Our Vision

We believe sales skills are part of the core business skill set for leaders across industries and job functions. It is cited as the most useful and essential skill by CEOs and founders. The Rotman Sales Club’s vision is to be a valuable resource for students to improve communication and presentation skills, as well as networking effectiveness and, ultimately, to become a close-knit community of professionals with wide-ranging career aspirations.

Our Mission Statement

Professionals at all stages of careers are challenged to promote ideas, build proposals or sell products. To be successful, skills including relationship building, problem-solving, and storytelling are fundamental. The RSC wants to promote and enable the development of these “sales skills” by hosting workshops and creating networking opportunities that can expose members to leading industry professionals across functions. 

Through these events, RSC aims to foster discussion on marquee topics and latest industry trends, promote broad professional skill development and, ultimately, build a close-knit community of professionals with wide-ranging career aspirations.

Want to learn more? 

Contact us through the website form, LinkedIn, or Instagram!