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The Executive Team 2021 - 2022

We are strategists, marketers, sales-people, entrepreneurs, dreamers and doers. And we’re here to help you.


Maria Claudia is a full-time MBA student and the president of the Rotman Sales Club. Originally from Peru, she studied Industrial Engineering and joined the e-commerce department in a retail chain store company called Falabella. 

Due to her passion for sales and consumer packaged goods, she joined Procter and Gamble for the summer as a Market and Planning Strategy intern in the Baby Care category. 

During her free time, she enjoys being with friends, spending time outdoors, arts & crafts and landscape photography. She is happy to explore new activities and to share her experience!


Huy has run businesses in publishing, e-learning, and F&B industries for 10 years. He has successfully raised funds from a venture capital firm so he understand the processes and nuances involved in working with investors.

Having a Computer Science background, Huy has leveraged technology to build innovative and leading products that meet customers’ needs. He is skilled at devising strategies, building firm structures for sustainable growth, and scaling up businesses in new markets.

He enjoys mentoring other founders in various industries, helping them analyze problems from different perspectives and finding proper solutions.

His motto is “Have fun in everything.”


Jessica is a Part-Time MBA student and Vice-President of Operations of Rotman Sales Club. She has an undergraduate degree from University of Toronto in Sociology and specialization in English. 

She currently works in payments and financial technology as an account executive for corporate clients. She has worked in various sales and customer support roles for many years, and across industries. Jessica believes in socially responsible corporate leadership to resolve many of the world’s challenges.

Jessica enjoys collecting hobbies. Her current obsession is rock tumbling, and learning about rocks and minerals. She has two cats, who are passionate about interrupting video calls, and knocking things over.  


Miluska is a Peruvian business engineer and a full-time MBA student at Rotman. She has experience in budgeting, supporting marketing teams and crafting effective sales strategies. She worked in Consumer Electronics in the Tech industry for five years, igniting her passion for sales. 

At Rotman, she is focused on sales, participating as the VP of Partnership & Engagement for RSC. During the summer, she was a New Business Development and Digital Innovation intern at Innomar Strategies. 

Miluska loves to travel, spend time outdoors, and practice yoga. She is always looking for new experiences and open to share hers. 


Pepe is a full-time MBA student at Rotman and the VP of Finance of the RSC. He has a BA in Economics from Universidad de Lima in Peru, and is fluent in Spanish, English and French. 

He worked in soft drinks companies previously and was a summer intern for Anheuser-Busch InBev, developing a B2B project (e-platform) for small retailers in Mexico City. 

In the winter, he will travel to Switzerland to join the International Student Program at St. Gallen University. 

He is an amateur tennis and soccer player, a lover of the outdoors and home cooking, an avid traveler, and currently passionate about audiobooks! 


Zolzaya is a tech and social impact enthusiast with a background in sales and marketing. She is from Mongolia, grew up in the United States, and has work experience in China. 

Prior to pursuing her full-time MBA from Rotman, she was a Client Business Partner for Nielsen China, where she was deeply involved in diversity and inclusion efforts. As a volunteer for Ladies Who Tech, she advocated for greater representation of women in tech fields. 

A believer in the ability of business and tech to do good, she hopes to leverage her experience and MBA to enact positive, innovative change.