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You may be wondering...

Who can join the Rotman Sales Club?

All MBA student at the Rotman School of Management are eligible to join the RSC. To join, please email us at

How do I become a member?

At the beginning of every fall term, Rotman has a club fair for all MBA students including Part-time, Morning and Evening and Joint MBA students. Stop by our booth or join virtually to sign up.

If you missed the club fair, not to worry – email us at

How can I engage more with the RSC?

As a first-year MBA student, you can nominate yourself as the RSC representative for your section.

First-year club representatives experience first-hand how club executives operate, and you will be the communication channel to your section. First-year reps are also considered for the executive team in your second year.

Why should I consider sales as my future career path?

Sales is a function and capability that all firms hire for. It also often is a path to leadership within the organization. If you enjoy presenting, communicating and working with people, it can be highly rewarding career path. If you are looking for a sales role, the club offers a diverse range of industries and network for you to leverage on as you start recruitment.

However,  joining the RSC does not mean that you have to enter a sales-related career. Our club aims to enable students to better communicate and story-tell, particularly to potential employers, investors and clients.

Whether you are considering a sales role or not, the RSC is a platform for students who want to step out of their comfort zone, be the best presenter and get to know more people in the industry.

Should I join RSC?

Absolutely, you should.

We are constantly finding innovative ways for students to explore and be educated about sales skills. We find that many students are able to achieve academic success, however, when many are not successful during behavioural interviews. This is where you “sell” yourself! Selling is also a useful skill when you want to pitch your project/product/business to key stakeholders. 

But we may be biased. Why don’t you find out for yourself and check us out on our socials, or email us at

Message us on our socials!