About SABA


The vision of the South Asian Business Association (SABA) is to celebrate South Asia in the educational and cultural discourse at Rotman and provide a conducive environment for students from South Asia to collaborate with professionals from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

To achieve this vision, SABA works diligently on the following four aspects, which translate to our mission:

  • Thought Leadership: Develop diversity of thought, leadership and culture emanating from South Asian students in the MBA program
  • Cultural Transition: Build a “home away from home” for South Asian students to help them transition to a new environment by celebrating traditions that foster unity and inclusion
  • Collaboration and Inclusion: Facilitate collaboration amongst all students to learn, appreciate and get involved with different cultures
  • Professional Networking: Provide a strong support network for current students with Rotman alumni from South Asia across industries through mixers and facilitated connections

SABA aims to take a more steadfast resolve towards supporting the South Asian community and has designed its events to enhance the club experience and move up from solely being a cultural club to being the club about everything South Asian!

In addition, SABA is committed to providing a strong support network for Rotman alumni, immediately after graduation and beyond. We hope to create a medium through which SABA alumni can stay in touch, share career and business opportunities, and organize reunions.

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