In 2011-2012 I will teach two sections of an MBA elective course, Venture Capital.

For nine of the last ten years I taught the core MBA course, Fundamentals of Strategic Management, to all four sections of the two-year MBA program. I have also taught the following MBA elective courses:

Strategy and Competitive Advantage (fall 2008 syllabus). The content of this course is now incorporated into the first-year core course.

Cooperative Strategy (here’s an ancient syllabus)

Commercializing Technological Innovation (spring 2006 syllabus), co-taught with Professor Ted Sargent of the University of Toronto’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. I initially co-developed and co-taught this with Professor Joe Jacobson of the MIT Media Laboratory while back at HBS.

I also teach a PhD course on Strategy and Economics with some regularity (2007 syllabus here).

At the Rotman School I have received sundry teaching honors including MBA Professor of the Year in 1997 and 2003, Runner-up for Best MBA Professor in 2002, and a Teaching Excellence Award each year 2001-2011 (except for sabbatical years).