FAQ: Corporate Partners

Q: How can corporations be involved?

A: Corporations can support The Letters in 3 different ways: sponsorship, professional development, and mentorship. We rely on the generosity of corporations to sponsor much of our yearly programming, such as panels and other educational events. Corporations can also get involved by hosting a networking event for LGBTQ+ employees and students at their office, allowing students to get to know more about working at their company. Lastly, corporations can get involved by encouraging LGBTQ+ employees to be a mentor through our mentorship program. Please email us at theletters@rotman.utoronto.ca if you are interested in supporting The Letters.

Q: What is your programming?

A: The Letters has a range of programming that covers professional development for LGBTQ+ students, social events to encourage LGBTQ+ community, and education for allies. To learn more about specific events for the current school year, please check out our Programming page.

Q: How can corporations engage employees?

A: Many corporations have employee resource groups for different minority groups, including LGBTQ+ employees. Employee resource groups are an excellent way to engage employees - groups often operate as a support network, run educational events, and advocate for inclusion. To find out more about starting or expanding an employee resource group, check out the Pride at Work Get Involved page.