FAQ: Prospective Students 

Application Process

Q: Should I be out in my application?

A: We encourage all applicants to be themselves. Any paid or volunteer work within LGBTQ+ organizations is well received, signals a commitment to diversity and should be included in your CV. Ultimately, Rotman recruitment officers want to get to know the full you. If you don’t have experience though, it’s not a problem at all.

Q: How can I receive feedback regarding my application?

A: The Letters understands that the application process can be daunting. As such, if you are looking for tips regarding everything from the essays to the interview, you are welcome to contact us  and we will set up some time with a second year student to help you out.

Q: How accepting of diversity are other students?

A: Rotman and the University of Toronto is an extremely welcoming environment for all students. However, we recognize that there is always work to be done and there are many faculty and student led initiatives to create a more fostering environment for students of all backgrounds.

Q: Does Rotman offer scholarships?

A: Yes, Rotman has recently partnered with the US based Reaching Out MBA organization (ROMBA) to offer scholarships to incoming students demonstrating leadership in LGBTQ causes. More information can be found on the Reaching Out website

Preparing for life at Rotman

Q: I’ve been accepted! What should I do to prepare for first term?

A: Congratulations! The application process is a grueling one and one that deserves recognition. Now that you’ve been accepted, we highly recommend that you take some time before September to relax. Many students take 1-2 months to travel, prepare, and ultimately unwind before the first year grind. Additional prep in the form of studying may be helpful but not at all necessary.

Q: How can I get involved?

A:  First year students can look out for application calls for new executive members in the fall.

Q: What campus resources are available?

A: There are plenty of campus resources available to students. Check out our resources page to learn more.

Q: Where can I learn more about life at Rotman and Toronto?

A: We are always happy to chat with incoming students. Feel free to fill out a form on our contact us page to set up some time to talk with a second year student.

Life in Toronto

Q: Why should I come to Toronto?

A: Toronto is the commercial centre of Canada and is one of the most diverse cities in the world. From an LGBTQ+ perspective, Toronto is home to one of the most vibrant LGBTQ+ communities in the country and has even been host to the only World Pride event to take place in North America.

Q: What is the nature of Toronto’s social scene?

A: The heart of Toronto’s LGBTQ+ social scene can be found on Church Street in the neighbourhood called The Village. There you will find tons of friendly bars, clubs and community clubs amongst other things catering to the community. There are also lots of LGBTQ+ parties in other areas of the city, such as Queen Street West and The Junction neighbourhood. If you are not into partying, there are lots of LGBTQ+ social groups that get together based on shared interests, such as board games and outdoor activities.

Q: What professional organizations exist for LGBTQ+ students?

A: The two main organizations for identifying students is Out on Bay Street and Pride at Work. More information can be found on their respective websites (links can be found on our resources page).