2016-2017 Initiatives


Company Meet & Greets

Recognizing that LGBTQ students can have barriers to employment in traditional recruiting efforts, many companies have LGBTQ-specific recruiting events. We are currently working with companies across a variety of industries to ensure that Rotman MBA students have access to these opportunities. More information will be provided as we secure companies and dates - please check back or subscribe to our newsletter for updates!

Mentorship Program

See Mentorship Program page for more details.

Confidential Coffee Chats

See Confidential Coffee Chat page for more details.


Pride Social

In celebration of LGBTQ Pride Month, we are teaming up with Thirsty Thursday to offer a fun night of casual networking in the Church and Wellesley neighbourhood.

Business Design Workshop at the Out On Bay Street Conference

Rotman is honoured to host the 10th annual Out on Bay Street Conference. The Letters will be present with a Business Design workshop onSaturday, September 17. You can view the conference schedule and register online here: https://www.outonbayst.org/annualconference/ 

RainbO-Camp (aka Club Kickoff)

A fun play on O-Camp, RainbO-Camp is our Official Club Kickoff. It will be a get together for students at the beginning of the school year to get to know each other, meet our executive team, and find out more about the events and initiatives that The Letters has planned for the year ahead.

Ally Workshop #1*

This interactive and educational workshop will provide you with the opportunity to learn more about what it means to be an ally and give you tangible steps on how you can support LGBTQ individuals and help build a more inclusive school or workplace. 

Allies Panel

The Allies Panel is our big event of the year and will highlight how allies have been advocating for LGBTQ individuals at their companies. Speakers include Ed Clark (former President & CEO, TD Bank Group), Connie Bonello (Associate Partner, IBM Financial Services), and Jennifer Tory (EVP and Group Head, RBC). Last year’s panel was attended by over 200 industry professionals and students, making this event a valuable networking opportunity. Event video can be found here:


Mentorship Kick-Off Dinner

The Mentorship Kick-Off Dinner will celebrate the launch of the 2016-2017 mentorship program. First-year students will have a chance to meet their mentors for the first time, and second-years will have the opportunity to re-connect with their mentors from the previous year during a networking dinner.

Mid Year Social*

Our Mid-Year Social will be a celebration of the end of Term 1!


Ally Workshop #2*

This workshop will be similar in style to our first ally workshop, however, it will focus on more specific content. Potential topics include learning about the "T" in LGBTQ and intersectionality.

Tour of the 'Gaybourhood'*

Organized in partnership with TELL, this tour will be a fun way to explore and learn about the history of the Church & Wellesley neighbourhood, which has been a gathering place for LGBTQ communities for decades.

International Day of Pink Panel

The International Day of Pink is a day against bullying and discrimination, particularly that based on homophobia and transphobia. We will be celebrating this day with a student panel and other activities.

Mentorship End-of-Year Dinner

The Mentorship End-of-Year Dinner will close off the 2016-2017 mentorship program. Students and mentors will have the opportunity to reflect on and share their journey over the year.

* indicates events where non-members can attend for a nominal fee. 


Club Launch Party

Join us as we celebrate the launch of Rotman's newest club!

Celebrating Pride at Byzantium

As part of the Rotman summer event series, the Letters is celebrating Pride at Byzantium! All are welcome to join.

Talk with Scott Mullin

Join the Letters as we talk with Scott Mullin, VP Community Relations at TD Bank, about building better workplaces and better communities.

Out in Work Panel

Join us as Sarah Kaplan, Rotman Professor of Strategic Management, invites executives from BMO, TD, IBM and Manulife to discuss the challenges of being out and a leader in the workplace

Movie Night

Join the Letters as we host Movie Night at Rotman. We will be screening the movie Fire by Deepa Mehta. A movie about love and relationships. A discussion will preceed the screening. 

Day of Pink

Join the Letters as we celebrate individuality and combat bullying by recognizing the Day of Pink. We will be hosting an Ask Me Anything panel and a photobooth. Snacks to be served.