Transportation to Hidden Valley from Algonquin Park will be provided. You are welcome to arrive at your own time. Please note check-in time on Wednesday, July 12th at Hidden Valley Resort is at 4:00PM and early check-in will not be granted.

Hidden Valley Resort is located at 1755 Valley Road, Huntsville, Ontario P1H 1Z8

Getting from Hidden Valley Resort to YYZ Pearson International Airport or Toronto:

Option A: Taxi

A taxi or limo from Hidden Valley Resort to Pearson International Airport will cost a flat rate of ~$450 CAD, which can be split among up to six people. Thus, it can be a good option for a group.

Option B: Bus

1. Reserve a taxi from Hidden Valley to the Huntsville Bus Station or Holiday Inn Express (12 min. and ~$20CAD):

  • Independent Taxi: 1-705-788-9125
  • Huntsville Taxi: 1-705-789-8808
  • Al’s Taxi: 1-705-789-2374

2. Book a Bus from Huntsville to Toronto:

  • Northern Airport Passenger Service: Service runs from the Holiday Inn Express at 100 Howland Drive to Pearson International Airport. Click here for schedule. Reservations may be made here here.
    One-Way Rate: $94 CAD/ per person
  • Ontario Northland (this is a better option if you are travelling back to the city rather than to the airport): Service runs from the Huntsville Bus Terminal located at 77 Centre Street North to 110 Bay Street or Yorkdale Shopping Centre/Yorkdale Bus Terminal in Toronto. Schedule can be found and reservations may be made here.
    One-Way Rate: $52.60 CAD/ per person

    • From 110 Bay Street to Pearson: Walk to Union Station and take the UP Express to Pearson Airport ($12 CAD/per person)
    • From Yorkdale Shopping Centre/Yorkdale Bus Terminal to Pearson: Take Go Bus 34 direct to Pearson (Departs every 60 minutes and costs $6.40 CAD/per person). Alternatively, you can take a taxi to Pearson or subway to the city.

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