2016 – 2017 Programming

2016 – 2017 WIMA/WiMen Events Calendar

Event Date Offered To Pillar Description
30% Club (Special Invitation) September 14, 2016 WiMen WiMen Introduction to latest research on the financial and strategic benefit of gender equity on boards, presented by Beatrix Dart and the 30% club
Clubs Fair September 15, 2016, 2016 All Current/New Members General Learn more about WIMA and the new WiMen Allies program at our booth during the GBC Clubs Fair!
WIMA Kick Off September 23, 2016 All New/Current Mengers General Join us to celebrate the launch of the new WIMA logo, the new WiMen Allies Program, and the start of a new year at Rotman!
WIMA Retreat October 14, 2016 WIMA Social Connect/Reconnect with other WIMA members at the WIMA retreat
Careers in Finance Panel October 17, 2016 WIMA/WiMen Careers TBC
Allies Training Workshop with Allison Burgess TBC (October, 2016) WiMen Development/WiMen Learn to identify your privilege and understand broadly held subconscious biases, and how to apply these skills to become a better leader
Presentation Skills Workshop with Tim Rowley October 19, 2016 WIMA Development


Become a more confident communicator and business presenter with tips and tricks from Rotman Professor, Tim Rowley
Speed Networking with NEW TBC (Late October/Early November, 2016) WIMA   TBC
MCA/WIMA McKinsey Women’s Breakfast TBC (Early November) WIMA Careers Connect with McKinsey and Company over breakfast to learn more about the McKinsey Women’s Affinity Network and about life at The Firm
MCA/WIMA AKT Women’s Breakfast TBC (November, 2016) WIMA Careers Connect with ATK to learn more about ATK’s Women’s Network and life working at Kearney
MCA/KPMG Women’s Breakfast TBC (November, 2016) WIMA Careers Connect with KPMG to learn more about their gender equity programming and initiatives and get an inside look at life at KPMG
MCA/WIMA BCG Women’s Breakfast TBC (November, 2016) WIMA Careers Join BCG for a breakfast roundtable event to discuss BCG’s Women’s Network and learn more about life at BCG
Developing Leadership Presence Workshop with Maja Dijikic November 16, 2016 WIMA Development TBC
MCA/Bain Women’s Breakfast TBC (December, 2016) WIMA Careers Join Bain for a Breakfast Roundtable session exploring life as a Bain Consultant and offerings for Women at Bain
MCA/ZS Women’s Breakfast TBC (December, 2016) WIMA Careers Connect with ZS over breakfast to discuss opportunities and initiatives for Women at ZS
BCG Allies Workshop TBC (Dec/Jan) WiMen Development/ WiMen TBC
Golf Lessons with Ski and Golf Club January 18, 2017 WIMA Social Join the Ski and Golf Club for an instructional session aimed at improving your game in North America’s preferred networking sport
Women in Operations Panel February 1, 2017 WIMA/WiMen Careers TBC
Leadership Skills Workshop February 22, 2017 WIMA


Careers TBC
Women in Tech Panel February 24, 2017 WIMA/WiMen Careers TBC
Inter-University Roundtable Luncheon TBC (February 12 or 26, 2017) WIMA/WiMen Development Join women and allies from across Ontario Graduate Business Programs for an afternoon of speakers and networking
Brunch with Profs TBC (March 22 or 29, 2017) WIMA Social TBC
White Ribbon Workshop TBC (Late March) WIMA/WiMen WiMen TBC
RED/WIMA Executive Dinner TBC (Late March) WIMA Careers TBC
HMA/WIMA Fireside Chat (Mount Sinai CFO) Week of March 20, 2017 WIMA/WiMen Careers TBC
Year End Celebration Week of April 3, 2017 WIMA/WiMen Social Close out the end of the year with a bang – join the WIMA executive committees (incoming and outgoing) along with WIMA alumni for a year-end celebration!

*Events Calendar is Subject to Change

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