About us

WIMA’s Vision

To build an engaged and inclusive MBA community on gender and diversity.


WIMA’s Mission

To champion the role of women in the Rotman community and in the workplace. We strive to create opportunities for Rotman women to advance personally and professionally through career, developmental and engagement events. We aim to foster lasting connections between WIMA members, WiMen, faculty, alumni, and industry professionals.


Statement of Purpose

Studies conclude that more diverse companies were able to attract better talent, improve customer interface and make better financing decisions which leads to a cycle of increasing returns (Hunt et al., 2015). However, women are underrepresented in all levels of the corporate pipeline. Women benefit from being involved in a community that fosters development, creating strong and supportive networks, and facilitates career discovery and advancement. As allies, men have an opportunity to learn how to best support their female colleagues’ career development. Importantly, learning how to manage diverse teams will make men stronger leaders and help their entire team reach its full potential.


WIMA’s pillars