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Mentorship Program

What is the Mentorship Program? 
The Mentorship Program provides incoming students the opportunity to be paired up with a 2nd year “Mentor”. The 2nd Year Mentor will answer questions and provide insights on student life, professional development, career, or academics during the 1st year of the MBA Program.

What is the objective of the Mentorship Program? 
Deciding to return to school for a graduate degree is a big milestone, but that process is also accompanied with a lot of change personally and professionally. The intent of the Mentorship Program is to help ease the stress that may come with our uncertainties of the 1st Year.

How does the Mentorship Program work? 
All incoming students and 2nd Year Mentors will receive a comprehensive survey to complete in August/September. The survey must be completed in order to participate in the Mentorship Program. The Mentorship Manager will then use the surveys to match 1st Year students with 2nd Year Mentors based on commonalities, similarities, interests and any other indicators of compatibility. All Mentorship Program participants will receive an email informing them of their match by September/October.

Mentorship Program Expectations, Training, and Commitment 
All 2nd Year Mentors will receive training to help ensure a successful Mentorship Program and a consistent experience. Both sides of the Program (1st Year Students and 2nd Year Mentors) will be responsible for reaching out to their assigned partner at specific checkpoints throughout the school year. However, a great friendship goes both ways and both of them are encouraged to reach out and maintain contact for other reasons.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Mentorship Program Manager, Gena Krikler.