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The GBC Constitution

The Graduate Business Council (GBC) is the student elected group representing all students enrolled in the master’s programs at Rotman.

1. To represent the interests of the master’s students at Rotman
2. In cooperation with Rotman administration and faculty, to ensure an exceptional academic and social experience at Rotman
3. To oversee the development and maintenance of a strong sense of community and pride within the Rotman.

We are passionate about creating a better and stronger Rotman community in which students are happy and proud to be a part of. We work with you, our student peers, to bring out the best of what the school has to offer by voicing your ideas and concerns to the administration, faculty, school clubs, or other organizations. We are excited to get to know you and hear your thoughts on how we can improve the quality of life for students at our school.

The GBC receives most of its funding from the University of Toronto Head Grant (~108k), and from the Graduate Student Union Grant (~15k), with both grants being ultimately sourced from student tuition. Thus, GBC funding is the property of the Rotman master’s student body, which the GBC administers on its behalf. Members of the GBC shall make best efforts to minimize the cost of this administration and to maximize the value derived by the student body.

Download The Graduate Business Council’s Constitution: GBC Constitution