Sammer Salama


Sammer joined the Music Club during his first year at Rotman and has loved every moment of it. He has performed at six Club events and learned to play and enjoy music (far) outside of his repertoire. He found that the Club combines his love of three things: music, meeting people and learning. “Whatever your talent or skill level; there’s a place for you in this Club. The value it has added to my Rotman experience is immeasurable.”

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Shuya joined the music club because she loves music and wants to connect to people who share the same passion. She believes music is a tool to express emotions and a language to communicate. In the coming school year, she look forward to watching and joining music performance with other club members.

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Dimitri Katotakis


Dimitri joined the music club because he has a lifelong passion for sharing music of all kinds with friends, family, and audiences. He believes that few things can get people to connect as well as music can. Everyone has a story to tell, and it’s much more powerful if we tell it together. He hopes that the Music Club can help each of its members to learn more about themselves, and each other through our love of music.

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Sofia joined the music club because she likes to meet new people around music. She believes it’s the universal way to connect people and wants to continue connecting Rotman Students around music in a fun and relax way.

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Check out some pictures of our past events. 

Music to relax and forget about stress

For musicians and music fans alike - Rotman Music brings the groove, the melody, and the rhythm to Canada’s top business school. We have an awesome schedule of events including performances, jam sessions, guest speakers, and more. For students that enjoy music in every single way, either by performing, or learning about different cultures through music, or meeting a community of like-minded peers, Rotman Music is the place to be. Join and share your passion with us!

Program fee: $45

Annual fee: $30

Kick off - Open Social Jam

Kicking off the year with a virtual show featuring some of Rotman’s most talented musicians.

Join and meet the community!

Music Speakers panel

Meet and listen to industry members who share the same interest in music as you pave a new and chilled out avenue for developing your network.

Collaboration with EMA

Karaoke night

Get your vocal warm up and sing to your favorite tunes with RMC community

More events



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