Our Mission

For musicians and music fans alike – Rotman Music Club brings the groove, the melody, and the rhythm to Canada’s top business school. Our mission is to create a wholesome community, where students can let go of their stress and establish genuine bonds with like-minded music lovers. We have an awesome schedule of events including performances, jam sessions, evening entertainment, and more. Whether you are a musical performer or simply someone that appreciates music, RMC has something just for you. Join and share your passion with us!

Program Fee: $45

Annual Fee: $30

Upcoming Activities

Kick off - Open Social Jam

Kicking off the year with an epic off-campus jam session – complete with food, drinks, and a variety of musical activities. This is a great opportunity to bond with your classmates while exploring your creative side in a fun, judgment-free zone.

Jazz Night

Come out to Friday night jazz at the Ripley’s Aquarium! Don’t miss your chance to get up close and personal with sharks while being entertained by live jazz performances

Collaboration with RAA

Concert Finale & Goodbye social

All those jam sessions paid off with a showcasing of the school’s finest performers and collaboration between first and upper years. Music lovers bonded for life

More Events

Open Jam Sessions

Karaoke Night

Culture Fair


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Shushu Feng


Shushu joined Rotman Music Club during the first year of MBA amid the global pandemic when everything is virtual. She loves music and performing for people, even if it’s via Zoom. Shushu grew up playing the piano and singing, so bringing music to people has always been her joy. She would love to go Karaoke with anyone, watch an outdoor music show, or go to a jam session with a group of friends. The important part is to always enjoy music because it represents life.

Contact: shushu.feng@rotman.utoronto.ca

Dimitri Katotakis


Dimitri joined the music club because he has a lifelong passion for sharing music of all kinds with friends, family, and audiences. He believes that few things can get people to connect as well as music can. Everyone has a story to tell, and it’s much more powerful if we tell it together. He hopes that the Music Club can help each of its members to learn more about themselves, and each other through our love of music.

Contact him at: dimitri.katotakis@rotman.utoronto.ca

Michael Wang


Michael joined the music club because of his deep passion for music. He believes in the power of music to communicate what words cannot. Besides allowing us to express ourselves and helping us develop amazing friendships, music is also a great outlet to relax and break free from the demanding nature of our daily lives. He is very much looking forward to jamming and performing with fellow club members.

Contact him at: mjy.wang@rotman.utoronto.ca


Check out some pictures of our past events.