NeXus Consulting Group
Rotman School of Management

Leadership and Innovation in the
Social Impact Sector

The NeXus Consulting Group is a management consulting firm located at the Rotman School of Management. We focus on helping organizations prioritize economic, social, and environmental sustainability to support long-term success. Integrated into Rotman’s academic and professional community, NeXus leverages Canada's leading intellectual capital and methodologies to address business challenges and maximize value.

We Provide:

Rotman Expertise.

Latest business analytics.

Competitive Price.

unbiased feedback.


“The lines between for-profit and not-for-profit sectors are blurring. Those on the cutting edge recognize the need to increase knowledge transfer between the two. Rotman’s NeXus is an impressive initiative that acts as a bridge between the sectors, adding value to each.”

Roger Martin , former Dean, Rotman School of Management


Strategic and Sustainability Planning
Environmental, Social, & Corporate. Governance
Data Analytics
Marketing & Communications
Organizational Development & Capacity Building