About the Club


In today’s competitive business world, successful leaders are those who display clarity in their thoughts, drive in their action and fluency in their communication.

As Rotman graduates, our students are exposed to some of the most demanding and challenging job opportunities the market has to offer. No matter what career one chooses to pursue, passion alone does not guarantee success. Qualities such as excellent communication skills, leadership abilities and self-confidence bear equal importance.
We constantly hear words such as trepidation, fear and nervousness when students are required to speak in public forums. What can Rotman do to help students overcome this fear? We, a group of current first and second year MBA students, thought long and hard and finally realized that Rotman needs an infrastructure which can address this specific need.
The Rotman Public Speaking Club is a unique student-led initiative which coaches MBA graduates in communication practices and helps unleash their true leadership potential. The club also endeavors to achieve a good blend of domestic and international students and fosters an environment that allows greater interaction between members from varied cultural backgrounds.