Meet the Team

President: Derek Leung

Industry/Functions: Tech Strategy/Product Management

Favourite Activity: Bouldering

Favourite RAA Event: Ski Trip

Tip to “Stay Active”:10 minutes of excercise a day is better than 0

VP Finance: Shlagha Sharma

Industry/Functions: Strategy/Product Management

Favourite Activity: Scuba Diving

Favourite RAA Event: Ice Skating

Tip to “Stay Active”: Find a buddy to stay motivated!



VP Events: Supriya Chawla

Industry/Functions: Consulting/Strategy

Favourite Activity: Weightlifting and Hiking

Favourite Activity: Apple Picking

Tip to “Stay Active”: Keep things inaccessible to improve ‘active’ time, e.g. walk to the kitchen to drink water


 VP Relations: Yifan Zhang

Industry/Functions: Finance/ER

Favourite Activity: Football and Cycling

Favourite Activity: Ski Trip

Tip to “Stay Active”: Join a activity group to enjoy together



VP Communications: Flora Zhang

Industry/Functions: Marketing/Strategy/Consulting

Favourite Activity: Hiking and cycling along lakeshore

Favourite Activity: Apple Picking

Tip to “Stay Active”: Walk or bike whenever and wherever possible

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