2021-2022 RABA Executive Team1

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I was born in Seoul, grew up in Sydney, and Toronto has been home for the past 14 years. After graduating from the UofWaterloo with a degree in mathematics, I started my career as an actuarial associate. I’ve always been a person who had a lot of creative ideas and I enjoyed collaborating with others to drive meaningful change. So I decided to pursue my MBA at Rotman to hone my business acumen and explore the diverse facets of strategy and management. My interests lay in the intersection of finance and technology. In my spare time, I enjoy learning about value investing, exploring the city, and serving the community as a youth mentor. I look forward to connecting with everyone. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to connect1.

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Ted’s Bio here

Ted’s Bio here

Ted’s Bio here

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My name is Sarah Yang and I’m your VP of Community Engagement! As someone who grew up here in Canada, I joined RABA to become more connected with the Asian community at Rotman. Prior to my MBA I worked as a Business Analyst at Scotiabank for their Anti-Money Laundering initiative. I spent my summer as a Product Management Intern at Momentive (SurveyMonkey) and hope to continue in this field after graduating. My tip for incoming 1st year students is to not focus on only grades/GPA but also take the time to network with your classmates, second years and alumni (remember to enjoy your experience here at Rotman in general!)

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1. Your name, and if you go by a different name, what is it and why?
Wennie (Jiaying) Wu
2. Your position with RABA and why?
VP External, Industry Relations
I hope to be a bridge between industry professional and Rotman students, and bring them in to connect and bound.
3. Past, present and future job industry
I worked in business planning and product management prior to Rotman; Currently doing an internship in marketing in health care industry; Future TBD
4. Favorite Rotman moment
a. Favorite RABA moment or thing to be excited about
To connect with RABA members and create impacts to Asian community at Rotman. Events in person (hopefully)
Fav moments: Industry panel
5. Productive tip for 1st year student
Enjoy the moment
6. Fun Fact/interest/hobby
Fluent in Mandarin and Korean. Love to explore different Asian cultures

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In many ways, the Rotman MBA is a journey of self-discovery and one after which I want to see myself come out stronger and ready to start a new chapter of my career in earnest. Having a background working in the financial services, I developed a curious mind in further pursuing my career in strategy within this industry. Finance, Business Design and Strategy are my favorite courses at Rotman. I strongly believe in client-centric focus and especially enjoyed solving complex business challenges for organizations. When I am not at work or school, you would find me spending time with two little evils (a seven-year-old pug and a six-year-old Scottish Fold cat). As someone who landed in Canada as an international student ten years ago, I look forward to making my every effort to create an ideal environment for our RABA members to learn and grow in Canada. Feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or via email!

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Get to know your Exec
1. Your name, and if you go by a different name, what is it and why?
My English name is Bill. My Chinese full name is Zi Xiao Yang.
2. Your position with RABA and why?
I am the VP of Career Development. I am interested in helping RABA members achieve their career goals.
3. Past, present and future job industry.
Past: Mechanical Engineering
Present/Future: Finance
4. Favorite Rotman moment
My favorite RABA moment was attending the Chinese Lunar New Year Gala in 2021. Despite the event being online, there were lots of amazing shows and it was very nice to meet many new faces!
5. Productive tip for 1st year student
Your studies are important, but also do not forget to socialize with your lovely classmates. This is a great opportunity for you to build life-lasting friendships!
6. Fun Fact/interest/hobby
I love playing all kinds of sports and I also enjoy watching sports. My favourite sport is soccer, and I am a huge Chelsea fan.

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I was a Corporate Lawyer in China, working in IPOs, cross-border M&A, bond issuance, and other projects in Capital Markets. At Rotman, I have concentrated on Finance and Strategy and worked as a Project Specialist for a Canadian healthcare company during the summer. Outside of work, I enjoy blogging, reading, and walking my dog named Rice! As a newcomer and career switcher, RABA has helped a lot in my first year. And I hope to be able to help you in yours, so feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or via Email!

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