Breaking down Master of Financial Risk Management Prerequisite Refresher courses

We ensure that all our incoming Rotman Master of Financial Risk Management students are prepped for success and are on the same footing when classes start in September. To achieve this, we designed a series of weekend refresher courses that some conditionally accepted MFRM applicants are expected to take to help them pass the qualifying exams on the prerequisite courses. Some applicants may already have taken these prerequisite courses in their undergrad and are exempt from taking the qualifying exams altogether. You can also demonstrate knowledge through the completion of CFA exams and be exempted from the prerequisite qualifying exams.

Rotman Master of Financial Risk Management

Here we’ll share with you key answers to your burning questions about the prerequisite courses in the form of the 5 Ws:


Rotman Master of Financial Risk Management applicants given a conditional offer on the completion of one or more prerequisites are required to complete the qualifying exams and are strongly encouraged to attend these refresher courses. The refresher courses contain key information necessary to complete the exams. In fact, all the topics in these modules are tailored specifically to help you prepare for these exams.

Applicants who have already completed the prerequisite courses or who have been admitted without conditions can also benefit from these refresher courses. Whether you forgot some of the specific concepts of financial statements and analysis, or you need a review of futures and options, spending a Saturday or two at Rotman in the spring can help you prepare for what’s to come in the fall. If you are one of these students, don’t worry, you won’t need to write the exam!


One of the awesome things about the MFRM program is that the program is only 8 months, fast-tracking your career in risk management. This also means we expect you to have a solid understanding of all the concepts reviewed during these prerequisite courses. We want everyone to be on the same page, so that we can get you started right away on exciting new topics!


All courses are just one day, taking place from 8:45 am to 4:00 pm. For 2016, the first course on Financial Accounting begins May 7th, followed by Corporate Finance on May 14th, Investments on May 28th and finishing with Derivatives on June 4th. Each course is taught by a different faculty member including Dragan Stojanovic, Alan White, Peter Christoffersen and John C. Hull.

For applicants who have to complete the qualifying exams, each exam will become available online through your internal Rotman student portal after the class, and you’ll be able to take it in the comfort of your home at your convenience. To take the exams, students must register with an online proctoring service. You’ll have two attempts to get the required 70% to pass the exam. If you are still wondering about this process, don’t worry! All this information will be explained to you when you accept your conditional offer.


Each course will take place at the Rotman School of Management. While our cafeteria is close on Saturdays, you’ll be able to enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast! We do recommend that you bring your lunch, as you won’t be able to leave the building during the class.


It is super easy to register! Just use the Registration link provided on your MFRM offer package.

Best of luck!

Your Recruitment & Admissions Team


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