A.T. Kearney’s 18th Annual Global Prize Competition

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Rotman students from the Class of 2016 and 2017 are invited to be a part of A.T. Kearney’s 18th Annual Global Prize Competition. For the past seventeen years A.T. Kearney has hosted this prestigious strategy case competition for the world’s top business schools. You and your team will tackle a simulated engagement of a real client challenge, and come up with an actionable strategic solution to enable real value.

Twelve teams will be invited to participate in the competition and 4 teams will be selected to present at A.T. Kearney’s Toronto office. The winning team will then compete in Chicago with winners from other top MBA schools for a chance to claim the regional title and prize. Like all great stories, the best is saved for last, with the battle against the European champions and a shot at bringing home the ultimate reward, The Global Prize.

For details, visit: http://www.atkearney.com/careers/global-prize-competition

Application Instructions:

Applications and registrations will open at 7 AM on September 22nd and closes at 11:59PM on September 24th. Please visit the ATK Registration Calendar for more details.

1. Prepare an application package in one document (preferably a PDF) that includes:
• The resumes of each of the 4 team members (preferably in 1-page Rotman format)
• A brief, 1-page description (400 words max), on the proposed approach teams will use to solve the sample business challenge summarized below. What data will you seek out; what analysis will you do with the data? No research is required for this response.

2. Email the application package to mca@rotman.utoronto.ca. All participants must be members of the MCA and submissions will be validated. If you want to participate but have yet to sign up for the MCA send an email to mca@rotman.utoronto.ca to register.

3. Register your team by selecting the registration link found on Rotman’s Global Prize page: http://www.atkearney.com/careers/global-prize-competition/rotman-school-of-management

4. All teams that apply will be given the opportunity to pitch their proposed approach to solve the business case directly to A.T. Kearney consultants at Rotman on Friday morning, September 26th (Slides or supplementary material are not permitted. Approximate time given for the pitch is 5 minutes. Teams will be notified of the time and room number on by 6pm Thursday Sep 25th).

5. Teams will be informed of their selection status by Monday September 29th.

Kick-off and Case Preparation:

The case Kick-off is on Friday October 3rd from 4:30-6:30PM. Selected teams are invited to join A.T. Kearney consultants at an on-campus event to receive the case and answer any competition questions. A.T. Kearney is also planning to deliver a short training seminar on structured communications to help students prepare their slide decks. While all team members are invited, it is recommended that least one team member attend – please reach out to dennis.braun@atkearney.com if alternative arrangements are needed.

Deadline for submission of the Written Case Presentation is October 23rd, so there is ample time for preparation.

Sample Business Challenge for Application:

Your team has been asked to develop a market entry strategy for Lifeceuticals, a fully-owned subsidiary of Global Foods Inc., to market and sell medical foods targeted to diabetics. What the company CEO, Hugo Escarti, would like to know is which products to develop and sell and through which channels? They have two options: first, prescription grade medical foods (regulated foods that require a doctor’s prescription), or second, functional foods for the mass market (low-carb food snacks found on grocery shelves). They would like to hit their ‘7/20’ target: 7% annual growth and 20% EBIT margin. How would your team approach this problem? What data would you need and what analysis would be done with this data (be specific)?

Disclaimer: Students should not pursue outside or additional data to answer this problem statement. Any similarity between the circumstances, characters and information in this case and actual people and/or companies is purely coincidental. The material presented herein is purely fictitious and is intended for use as an educational tool in the A. T. Kearney Global Prize MBA Case Competition.

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