Welcome to ENRG!

The ENRG Club aims to help students attain, or transition to successful careers in the energy and natural resources industry – Mining, Oil and Gas, Electricity. Club-members come from diverse disciplines such as engineering, consulting, finance, private equity, human resources, and R&D. Over the years, Rotman ENRG club has hosted guest speakers, fireside chats, industry tours, and industry nights. We work as an enabler for students aspiring to work in this industry and educate them on the opportunities that exist within these fields. We help students to get a face-time interaction with industry leaders through networking events, panel discussions and industry nights. This year we plan on hosting an exciting case competition and coffee connections career networking event with industry experts.

The ENRG club collaborates with industry experts and advisors, Rotman’s Career Center, and its Graduate Students Council to make the MBA journey an enriching experience. Keep checking for more updates!