May 1, 2020


Ananya Bhattacharya

Ananya is a software engineer with approximately 8 years of experience specializing in Big Data. During her career, she has assisted clients in resolving their technology challenges by developing tailored solutions. Her expertise lies in working on integrated platforms and optimizing systems for analyzing media and entertainment data, leading to improved content and targeted advertisements. Additionally, Ananya has been actively involved in volunteer work, advocating for quality education for students from marginalized sections in India. Ananya is passionate about leveraging her technical skills and problem-solving acumen to devise strategies that drive customer impact for companies.

Education: B.E, Computer Engineering, Nagpur University, India

Industry: IT, Media & Entertainment (Analytics)

Expertise: Product Development, Optimization, Strategy and Implementation

Interest: Movie buff, Coffee, Nature walks

Annie Yao

With 3+ years of clinical knowledge and experience via the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program at Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, Annie gained client-centered skills through working in hospitals, retail pharmacies, and public agencies. She devoted her leisure time to a social enterprise aimed at providing solutions to global health issues by making high-quality, 3D-printing products. She also introduced virtual reality and drone piloting to her research teams. With her education and work experience surrounding human-centered design, she is ready to propose ideas and solutions to tackle system-level issues in healthcare and beyond.

Education: B.Sc. in Life Science and Economics, Doctor of Pharmacy, University of Toronto, Canada

Industry: Healthcare 

Expertise: Qualitative Research, Strategy, UX Design. 

Interest: Aerospace, Reading, Bouldering (just started!), Coffee and Tea

Giulio A. Pacozzi

Giulio has 5 years of experience in the financial industry, namely in equity analysis and portfolio management. He successfully co-founded and led an ESG-focused investment strategy at a South Florida-based asset management firm catering to high-net-worth individuals. He further assisted with numerous other strategies, including dividend, growth, and international equities. Giulio’s passion for business and company analysis has spurred his passion for strategy consulting and creating tangible impact for businesses and the broader community. 

Background: B.Sc. in Finance/Investment Management from Lynn University, United States

Industry: Finance

Expertise: Financial Analysis, ESG,  Strategy 

Interest: Authentic Travel Experiences, Aviation, Foodie, Breweries

Khaja Shaik Mohammed

Khaja has 6 years of experience leading design teams on impactful infrastructure projects. With a remarkable portfolio that includes the design of intricate bridges in Canada and the USA, including one of the tallest bridges in western Canada, Khaja has consistently demonstrated his expertise in delivering exceptional results. His ability to foster contextual sensitivity and engage communities has garnered prestigious awards. In addition to his engineering prowess, Khaja is the founder of a Data Analytics firm dedicated to empowering small businesses. Khaja is deeply committed to accessibility to education and currently serves on the board of directors of an Indian non-profit organization. Leveraging his proficiency in data analytics, problem-solving, leadership, and project management, Khaja is helping teams and companies unlock their full potential. With a diverse skill set and dedication to driving positive change, he offers innovative solutions to a myriad of organizational challenges.

Education: BE in Civil Engineering, BITS-Pilani, India; MS in Civil Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Industry: Infrastructure

Expertise: Data Analytics, Project Management, Financial Modeling, Engineering Design

Interest: Active-outdoors lifestyle, biking, hiking, and tennis. Coding occasional fun programs. 

Matthew Cox

Matthew has 6 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry, specializing in digital transformation, commercial excellence, client relationships, and organization transformation. Notable projects include delivering a portfolio consolidation and optimization across Africa, installing contracts for sales and marketing operations across South East Asia, scaling up digital marketing and commercialization success across Latin America, and delivering on sales force effectiveness operations across the middle east. Through these experiences, Matthew has built up a dynamic and resilient skill set that he is able to apply across a broad range of business challenges in numerous industries and geographies. He is interested in utilizing a creative and diverse mindset to drive novel, value adding solutions to organizational challenges.

Education:  BA in English and Drama, MSC in Marketing and management, Loughborough university, United Kingdom. Professional Diploma in Digital marketing, Chartered institute of marketing, United Kingdom.

Industry: Pharmaceutical and ESG / Sustainability

Expertise: ESG, Marketing, Strategy, Transformation, and Optimisation. 

Interest: An avid wandered (Travelled to 50+ countries), Coffee fanatic, Trained mixologist, and aspiring Ironman for 2024! 

Sharon Wang

Sharon has 4 years of experience in manufacturing industry, specialized in working capital and supplier relationships management. During this time, she also took initiatives leading organizational change projects, facilitating digital transformation, function offshoring, and diversity & inclusion workplace engagement in the North American region. Through these experiences, Sharon has built strengths in problem solving and stakeholder management, and she is keen to leverage these strengths to support clients in developing and executing business strategies and transformations.

Education: B.M.O.S, Honors in Finance, Western University, Canada

Industry: Automotive Manufacturing

Expertise: Financial Analysis, Change Management, Strategy and Implementation

Interest: Diversity & Inclusion Advocate, Health & Wellness Enthusiast