May 1, 2020


Aseem Kumar

Aseem Kumar has 4 years of experience engineering and delivering seatbelt systems for Ford Motor Company’s flagship F-150 and Mustang vehicle lines. In this capacity, Aseem championed the overall lifecycle of product development, spanning from design, prototyping, testing, implementation and after-sales support. In addition, Aseem developed his skills to consider and articulate the big picture when making technical choices. He incorporated insights and metrics from multiple partners and business lines and learned to strike a balance between technical performance and business viability. When asked, Aseem points to his ability to bring a stable of experts and professionals together to solve a business challenge as his biggest learning and passion while at Ford.

During the MBA, Aseem has complemented an engineer’s rigor towards problem-solving with tools and frameworks specific to business administration. Aseem acquired an ability to value firms, develop business development strategies, and generate marketing and customer insights through classroom and real-world exposure. With Impact Consulting Group, Aseem is eager to put his experience, knowledge and professional network to work for his clients. In his spare time, Aseem loves to read about psychology and personal development. His is also an avid swimmer and cyclist and is always on the hunt for scenic trails and getaways. 

Austen Crean

Austen has 4 years of experience as a digital marketing manager in the retail industry with a focus on performance marketing, hypothesis testing, project management, and digital strategy. During this time, he established strong analytical skills working in testing and performance management. Additionally, he utilized effective stakeholder management skills, working with numerous internal and external parties involved in various marketing initiatives. At Rotman Austen is focused on developing his skills in business strategy and transformation, ESG transition, and financial analysis and valuation.

Austen holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and International Development from Dalhousie University. He is interested in helping companies adapt in a world that is rapidly evolving, both from a technological and environmental perspective. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, skiing, golf, backcountry camping, and cycling.

Chandan Sejekan

Chandan Sejekan is a licensed Professional Engineer with over 5 years of experience leading multidisciplinary engineering teams to design fire-life-safety critical systems for multi-billion-dollar subway infrastructure projects. Through his experience on small (<$100k) to very large (>$1b) engineering and construction projects in safety-critical environments under intense time pressures, he has honed his problem-solving, leadership, project management, and stakeholder and client engagement skills, consistently generating target metrics and positive client feedback.

Chandan holds a master’s in mechanical engineering from the University of British Columbia. At Rotman, he hopes to pair his engineering skills with the business acumen for strategy, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He is passionate about empowering and unlocking the full potential of teams and businesses. He balances his work ethic with poetry, meditation and an active-outdoors lifestyle, biking, hiking, and exploring nature.

Abhishek Derek Ellie

Abhishek Derek is a licensed Professional Engineer with 6 years of experience in the energy industry, specializing in engineering design, stakeholder engagement, and implementation strategy. During this time, he designed unique and sustainable design solutions and oversaw their implementation to resolve issues related to operating performance and safety margin management. At Rotman, Abhishek Derek is keen to further develop his business acumen in strategy and implementation, business development, and client engagement.

Abhishek Derek holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Honours Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo. He is interested in helping companies solve technical and operational issues and realize efficiencies to support their continued growth in a dynamic and challenging world. In his free time, he is passionate about maintaining a healthy mental and physical lifestyle through meditation, reading, working out, and traveling.  

Rohan Thomas

Rohan has 6 years of experience developing corporate strategy, improving operational effectiveness, and creating new products in the renewable energy and aerospace industries. During his career, he’s helped firms halve lead times through international manufacturing partnerships and overhauled operational processes to reduce overhead. He is passionate about helping businesses navigate complex problems through research and collaboration.

Rohan holds a master’s in mechanical engineering from the University of North Dakota. At Rotman, his focus is to combine his engineering experience with business knowledge to provide clients with holistic, well-rounded advice. During his spare time, Rohan enjoys biking, hiking, and rock climbing. He is an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoys spending time outdoors throughout the year. Rohan is also a passionate cook, and loves experimenting with food.

Usama Tanzeem

Usama has 3 years of experience in the energy and the sustainable development industries, specializing in operations management and business development. During his time in the energy industry, Usama supervised rig-site operations which entailed financial planning, supply chain management, and health and safety of the rig crew. As a business development manager in the sustainable development industry, Usama honed his client engagement and stakeholder management skills, while also ensuring the steady growth of the start-up he was working for.

Usama holds a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering from the Middle East Technical University. At Rotman, his focus is to acquire business knowledge and pair it with his engineering background to design innovative and sustainable strategies for organizations. During his spare time, Usama enjoys reading about history and exploring museums. Usama is also a racquet sports and football enthusiast.