Impact Consulting Group, originally formed in 1972, is an MBA student-led management consulting firm based out of the Rotman School of Management. We offer clients innovative and high-quality tailored solutions that facilitate corporate planning and development, performance improvement and market research. Impact’s perspectives are infused with the latest education, diverse industry and functional experience and the resources of Canada’s leading business school. With over 20 years of combined experience, the Impact team is able to leverage the expertise of the faculty to capitalize on the state-of-the-art business information that provides clients with a unique, yet practical approach.

Delivering premium consulting services with a personalized client experience


Corporate Planning and Development

Concept Development

Strategic Planning

Financial Analysis and Forecasting

Funding Strategies

Performance Improvement

Process Mapping and Controls

Change Management

Employees Relations and Incentives

Implementation and Business Design

Marketing Strategy

Market and Industry Analysis

Pricing Strategy

Customer Insights and Engagement

Go to Market Strategy

Digital Transformation

Technology Strategy

Digital Assessment Tools

Digitization of Legacy Platforms

Data Analysis based Insight Generation

Leadership Training

Communications Training for Technical Staff

Inclusive Work Place Training

Client communication Training for Technical Staff

Inclusive Workplace Assessment

Diagnostic bench-marking of Workplace Inclusivity

Feedback on key Focus Areas

“The Impact team at Rotman, informed by state-of-the-art research and the enduring fundamentals of management thinking, delivers innovative, pragmatic and actionable solutions. I am a regular customer myself. The professionalism, the value added, and the can-do-attitude keep me coming back.” __________Tiff Macklem, Governor of the Bank of Canada