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Who We Are

The LINKS Mentorship Program was created to foster a coordinated and supportive environment across undergraduate and MBA programs at the University of Toronto.

Our Goals

  1. To link undergraduate students with Rotman graduate students, building a coordinated and supportive community within the University of Toronto;
  2. To provide long term career development, coaching, and advice for undergraduate students who identify as women as they move into the workforce, empowering them to overcome common barriers in workplace advancement;
  3. To provide opportunities for Rotman graduate of all sexes to build formal mentorship skills, gain volunteer experience, and enhance their personal network.

The Management Team

LINKS is operated by a team of female students at the Rotman School of Management that are committed to female advancement. The LINKS program is our contribution to the Rotman and UofT communities, and our to help women grow in the workplace.

The Mentors

LINKS mentors are Rotman graduate students who have volunteered to mentor and coach female undergraduate students from the University of Toronto. Mentors work in teams of two to ensure each mentee is well supported as the mentee prepares to enter the workforce.

The Mentees

LINKS mentees are undergraduate students who identify as women and are thinking about life after graduation. They value industry connections as well as insight and guidance from Rotman graduate students with varied life experience.