2023-2024 Executive Leadership Team

Peter Bello, President 

Peter has a background in Engineering, and prior to Rotman, he was a Lead Deepwater Facility Engineer at ExxonMobil, stewarding daily operations for various hydrocarbon production facilities. This summer, Peter joined BCG as a Summer Consultant.
Ask me about: Video Games, Soccer…. the more competitive/team based, the better
Favorite ice-cream flavor: Strawberry, Rum and Raisin!!!
What I wish I had known at the beginning of first year: There is a tendency to get overwhelmed by the entirety of academics, recruiting, club activities and social events. Always keep in mind your overall MBA goals, and let that focus guide you as you navigate through it all. Prioritize your time, protect your mental wellbeing, and ensure you don’t get burned out. I promise you will have an amazing, fun-filled experience overall!!

Sirun Wang, VP Recruitment 

Sirun has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and had been working as a Research/Economic Analyst for 4 years prior to joining Rotman’s full-time MBA program. Outside of her professional career, Sirun enjoys drawing, traveling, and discovering new bakeries. This summer, Sirun joined BCG as a Summer Consultant.
Ask me about: 
Bubble tea, musical, cat, and houseplant
Favorite ice-cream flavor: Cherry miso from Bang Bang Ice-cream
What I wish I had known at the beginning of first year: 
Although some weeks might feel grueling and never-ending, the first year flies by! Make the most of your first year by getting to know your incredible cohort, participating in case comps for fun and not just for the prize, and venturing outside your comfort zone because you only get to do an MBA once. Everyone will feel overwhelmed, stressed, or disappointed at various points in time, but trust that you’ll get what you give to the process.

Kimia Khoee, VP Recruitment 

Kimia completed a Bachelor of Life Sciences from Queen’s University and a Master of Public Health from McMaster University. She previously worked as a Research Manager at Unity Health Toronto, managing community-based health research projects focused on people experiencing marginalization. This summer, Kimia worked as a program management intern at a biotech firm in Silicon Valley.
Ask me about: 
Baking, podcasts, travel, navigating the MBA with a non-business background, and fun spots in Toronto
Favorite ice-cream flavor: Hazelnut or Nutella gelato
What I wish I had known at the beginning of first year: 
Everyone experiences setbacks and they don’t define your abilities, MBA journey, or career. Remember you’re here for a reason and have unique strengths and experiences! Stay resilient, be focused on your goals, and make sure you’re taking the time to recharge and lean on your fellow classmates.

Georgio Homsy, VP Recruitment 

Georgio is a pharmacist and has a PharmD from Saint Joseph’s University in Beirut. Prior to Rotman, he worked in pharmaceutical sales with Eli Lilly in Lebanon, then with GSK and Viatris in Canada, with a focus on Oncology. This summer, Georgio joined ZS as a Strategy Insights and Planning Consultant intern.
Ask me about: 
Manchester United, Basketball, F1 and food spots in Toronto
Favorite ice-cream flavor: Golden Oreo from Bang Bang
What I wish I had known at the beginning of first year: 
Whether your MBA goal is academic excellence, pursuing a career switch, or expanding your network, Rotman has it all. Define your goals early and prioritize your time accordingly. While certain periods may seem busy, remember it’s not always like that, and balancing social life and studies is definitely feasible. Managing it all is part of the journey!

Nishtha Teneja, VP Industry Relations 

Nishtha is a second-year full-time MBA candidate at Rotman School of Management, who interned at McKinsey and Company this summer as an Associate Intern. A planner at heart, she worked as a project manager in the fintech domain (ION Group) for 4 years before joining Rotman. She is passionate about bringing gender equity and led many projects in India as a mentor to young students and professionals at an NGO Rotary International.
Ask me about: Creating boho home décor using macrame art, hiking, dancing and yoga
Favorite ice-cream flavor: Blueberry + Vanilla from Butter Baker
What I wish I had known at the beginning of first year: It is very easy to get buried in course work and recruitment, but your individuality is the only thing that will make you feel belonged and help you make the right choices here. Take time for yourself, go for a walk and think about what your heart says rather than blindly following what others are doing or saying. What works for others might not necessarily be the best for you.

Matthew Cox, VP Industry Relations 

Originating from the UK, Matthew is a collaborative leader and problem solver with global professional experience. He is passionate about combining ESG with business growth to build more sustainable and responsible organizations.
Ask me about: Rugby, food, video games, and travelling
Favorite ice-cream flavor: Baileys Chocolate always hits the spot
What I wish I had known at the beginning of first year: Try not to take yourself and the MBA so seriously or focus on just one thing, it’s easy to really get drowned in work and commitments and miss out on some incredible opportunities. I find the people who succeed and do the best, are those who have a healthy balance of academics, private, and social life.

Emmanuel Olawoye, VP Education 

Emmanuel has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Prior to Rotman, he worked as an Operations Manager in a Washington-DC-based non-profit. He also worked for over six years in the Nigerian banking industry and led the Impact team of a large commercial bank. This summer, Emmanuel interned at Accenture as a Senior Strategy Consultant.
Ask me about: 
Soccer, Football Manager, The Office (TV Series) and hanging out with family and friends
Favorite ice-cream flavor: Biscoff Cheesecake from Ruru baked
What I wish I had known at the beginning of first year:
 Don’t be too shy to ask for more and more help. The MBA journey can be overwhelming if you try to go at it alone; learn to build good relationships and a support system around your classmates, second years and the Rotman community as a whole. We are all rooting for you.

Harshita Garg, VP Education 

Harshita has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Hansraj College, University of Delhi. Post-graduation, she worked in EY for a year and moved to Bain Capability Network, an arm of Bain and Company. At Bain, she worked on cost transformation projects in industries such as packaging, insurance, etc. This summer, Harshita interned at Bain and Company in their Toronto office.
Ask me about: 
Travel, The Office / Succession, F1
Favorite ice-cream flavor: Pistachio and roasted almond from Soma Chocolatemaker
What I wish I had known at the beginning of first year: 
Be curious! Rotman fam has people with diverse experiences. Take the time to bond with your peers and know their professional and personal experiences. MBA is a great way to explore different avenues and learn from your peers, professors, alumni, and upper years. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone in Rotman is there to support you!

Sanjana Sen, VP Education 

Sanjana has a Bachelor of Business Administration, specializing in Finance and Accounting. Prior to Rotman, she worked across multiple industries within the business strategy. operations and auditing functions. This summer, Sanjana joined Simon-Kucher & Partners as an Associate Consultant.
Ask me about: Karaoke, Netflix and Swimming
Favorite ice-cream flavor: I’m not an ice-cream person, but I can go through a pack of sour candy any day!
What I wish I had known at the beginning of first year: Trust the Process! A lot happens in the first year, and only some things will be perfect. When things don’t go according to plan, remember that you belong here and will find a way to make things work. Lean on your family and friends, and don’t forget to have fun. The MBA will go by quickly; make the most of it.

Kieran Grekul-Somerville, VP Operations 

Kieran holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Queen’s University. Prior to Rotman, Kieran worked within the Commercial & Engineering Group at Aecon, consulting on various projects to solve challenging contractual issues. Kieran has gained extensive experience assessing construction damages and navigating dispute resolution processes. This summer, Kieran is working at the Entrepreneurship Hatchery as an MBA Connector.
Ask me about: 
Dogs, hiking, travel
Favorite ice-cream flavor: Muskoka Mocha from Kawartha Dairy
What I wish I had known at the beginning of first year: 
It is easy to spread yourself too thin and to get caught up in what everyone else is doing. Take some time to prioritize what is most important to you and what you would like to get out of your time at Rotman. Take care of yourself and find time to have fun!

Rohail Naqvi, VP Part-Time MBA 

Rohail spent 7+ years in M&A and Corporate Finance before transitioning to consulting. In addition to his MBA from UofT, Rohail has a Master’s in Finance from the IE Business School in Madrid. He is currently a Senior Consultant at PMP Strategy’s TMT practice.
Ask me about: 
Leathercrafting, biking and Ai
Favorite ice-cream flavor: Birthday cake from Dutch Dreams
What I wish I had known at the beginning of first year: 
The MBA isn’t a race and you do not need to experience everything the school has to offer in the first year. The first year is very important to transform your class into a community. Trust your classmates and let them trust you. Think of every day as an opportunity to explore the school and what it has to offer. Make friends with other students, faculty and folks from the program office. And remember, this may be the last opportunity to be a full-time student for many of you. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey. : )

Christie Kwan, Director Comms & Social Events 

Christie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree. Before joining Rotman, she worked in the luxury retail industry for four years, in fashion conglomerates LVMH and Kering Group. This summer, she joined Scotiabank as a Business and Strategy Analyst Intern.
Ask me about: 
Food, fashion, brunch and memes
Favorite ice-cream flavor: Strawberry from Haagan Dazs
What I wish I had known at the beginning of first year: 
Surrounded by a group of exceptionally skilled individuals within your cohort might sometimes lead to intimidation. There might be moments of discouragement, and you may question your place when situations don’t unfold as planned. However, this is not the case. Be confident and trust yourself – events often have a whimsical manner of resolving on their own!

Giulio Andrea Pacozzi, Director Comms & Social Events 

Originally from Switzerland, Giulio is an adaptable, multilingual professional, whose global footprint in impact investing spans Europe, the US, and Canada. Championing diversity of thought as a consultant, Giulio is a collaborative problem solver committed to making a difference in sustainable business. In his spare time, he likes to frequent the many craft breweries, restaurants and bars in Toronto.
Ask me about: 
Food, Travel, Tennis, Snowboarding
Favorite ice-cream flavor: Half Baked from Ben and Jerry’s
What I wish I had known at the beginning of first year: 
Don’t overdo it with clubs: go for MCA and about two more. Mentally prepare for term 2 – it can get super busy. Reach out to second years – everyone loves to help out and we can be a good resource/sounding board.