RBAC's mission is to emphasize the value of data-savvy managers not simply as practitioners but as business problem-solvers who are fluent in data analytics.

We are a strong network of like-minded students, alumni, faculty, and industry professionals who share an interest in working with data and/or learning to how to apply data and statistical analysis to business problems inherent to their chosen industry.

RBAC provides students with opportunities to:

Explore and pursue career and networking opportunities related to analytics.

Attain tools and information to become capable of managing teams of analysts and
data scientists.


Connect with programs and
certification resources across a host of analytical platforms
including SAS, Tableau, SQL, etc.

Analytics is a cross-industry skill that can be leveraged to build a career in various functions including marketing, finance, consulting, business design, and operations. To support students interested in building careers in these functions while integrating the increasing demand of analytics, RBAC also has collaborations with many of Rotman’s other clubs.

What's in store for the 2017-18 year: