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Established in 2007, The Rotman Risk Management Association is a student-led organization that aims to increase awareness on Risk Management issues within the Rotman community, and promote Rotman as a premier centre for education and recruitment for the Risk Management industry. Through a series of different events and networking opportunities, RRMA envisages to be an effective bridge between the industry and student members and become a source of providing excellent candidates for recruiters in the Risk Management industry.


1) To educate Rotman students on Risk Management issues

By hosting information sessions, networking events and competitions, we aim to increase Rotman students’ awareness of important topics that are central to Risk Management. Practically, every field of business has an aspect of risk management, so we believe that all students, whether pursuing a career in this field or any other area of Finance, can benefit from a better understanding of risk management issues.

2) To help Rotman students plan careers in Risk Management

Under the backdrop of the difficulties facing today’s financial industry, Risk Management is a growing field with many excellent career opportunities, and we endeavor to give this vital field the exposure that it deserves. There are many different aspects to Risk Management, which are traditionally grouped into the areas of Credit Risk, Market Risk, and Operational Risk. We aim to provide an effective networking medium between interested students and the Risk Management industry to help students plan their careers in this industry

3) To promote Rotman within the Risk Management community

Considering the financial industry’s growing focus on Risk Management, we feel that is important to showcase this aspect of Rotman’s prestigious Finance program. Specifically, Rotman’s Master of Finance program, as well as the Risk Management and Financial Engineering major within the MBA program provides students with the skills relevant for a successful career in Risk Management. Over the years, recruiters from top banks in Canada and other major financial institutions have recruited Rotman students for various risk positions.

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