It’s not too late to join us in September 2012!

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While the admissions cycle is coming to an end, we still accept applications; both from international and domestic applicants! We have two more application deadlines; for our international applicants located outside of North America the final application deadline is April 30th and for the rest of our applicants June 1st is the final application deadline.
There is still time to submit your best application and certainly we can help you apply!

At Rotman, we provide our students with a supportive learning environment; we have a buddy system, alumni mentorship program and of course our great student clubs to help the first year students with pretty much anything from academics to job interview tips! We’d like to extend our services to our prospective students as well to give you a taste of the learning environment even before you start your Rotman MBA! You can book in-person or Skype meetings with our admissions team; thanks to technology, we are able to meet with you via Skype regardless of your location.

Living in Toronto? We have some interesting events coming up; for those of you who follow our events would know, we have an Admissions Workshop this Saturday, April 14th. It is not too late to register to speak with the admissions team, some of our current students and our career advisors to get their feedback on your resume.

Those who have been thinking about an MBA for a while (!) would know; we have been having [Super Saturday] events since last year and these events proved to be very successful because our candidates have their admissions interview in the morning and get their admission decision by the end of the day! The feedback was overwhelmingly positive so we decided to turn these into annual events. This year’s event is on April 28th, to qualify for this event you will need to submit your application by April 20th, we can accept unofficial test scores and transcripts only for this event! For details you can contact me at Unfortunately these events are only for our applicants who currently live in North America, but we are hoping to work out the logistics to extend such events to other regions as well.
As May fast approaches we are getting very excited about our new building, we will be conducting our first information session in the new building in May, stay tuned for the date!

With the brand new building opening in September, we are entering a new phase, join us to experience these exciting changes and don’t be afraid to be part of our growth!


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