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Call for Volunteers (RITC 2024)

Call for Volunteers (RITC 2024)


RITC 2024 Volunteer


Location of Work

FRT-Lab (in-person)



For RITC 2024, we are looking for 35 volunteers to assist the FRT-Lab team with facilitating the trading competition and fostering a sense of community among participants, answering common questions and ensuring that the teams enjoy their competition experience.


What in it for you

For a volunteer, this would be an excellent opportunity to gain exposure to the BMO Financial Group Finance Research and Trading Lab. Further, volunteers will have the opportunity to meet and network with participants from across the world.

As most lab staff will be running cases behind the scenes, you will be representing Rotman to the participants. For more information about the competition, refer to this link.



Students (all years) who apply for this position should be students interested in the field of finance, but do not necessarily need to be in finance as a Rotman Commerce student. We are looking for friendly, social, and enthusiastic students who can assist in providing an exciting and enjoyable experience for all the competitors. Students should be available on all days of the competition as well as commit a couple of hours to the competition for preparation.


Application Requirement

Submit a Single Page Resume via this link (submitting your application does not guarantee an interview).


Application Deadline

November 30th, 2023, at 2359 EDT


If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at financelab[at]rotman[dot]utoronto[dot]ca