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Rotman Commerce Trading Group Challenge (RCTGC) 2024 – Winners!

Rotman Commerce Trading Group Challenge (RCTGC) 2024 – Winners!

In collaboration with The Rotman Commerce Trading Group (RCTG), The BMO Financial Group Finance Research and Trading Lab held the Rotman Commerce Trading Challenge 2024 at St. George Campus.

The top-performing students proved great ability in making rapid trading decisions while skillfully navigating through the RIT Market Simulator by successfully complementing a series of exchange transactions.

Thank you to all the participating students and congratulations to the top performing participants.


1st place winner: Michael Ma & Georgiy Baikov

2nd place winner: Yuning Liu & Xingqi Zhai

3rd place winner: Shengci Wang & Hongli Guo


Special thank you to the Rotman Commerce Trading Group (RCTG).

Please click here to learn more about this competition and when the next one will be taking place.