Ruchi Hirawat

Ruchi has extensive experience in physical risk and climate change consulting. She joined Net Impact to broaden club members exposure to career opportunities within social impact & sustainability space & to help members develop the skills needed to lead change effectively.

Ruchi loves binge-eating and has developed a new found love for hiking and podcasts.

Fun Fact: Ruchi can sleep anywhere (literally!!)

Namrita Bhatti

Namrita brings experience in consulting, with a particular focus on leadership advisory. Passionate about making a positive contribution to society, she ran an online thrift store to help increase the lifecycle of clothing and accessories. She joined RNI to meet a community of like-minded individuals.

Namrita loves dogs and spent her time in India helping animal NGOs with their fundraising activities.

Fun Fact: Namrita recently joined a jazz band as a drummer !

Aditi Agarwal
VP Careers

Aditi practiced as a corporate lawyer specializing in insolvency law and dispute resolution. She is looking to switch to a career that is more aligned with her personal values of being able to create a direct positive impact on society. She joined the Net Impact club because the motto of the club is exactly that!

She loves the outdoors and misses beaches sorely since she moved to Canada.

Fun fact: Aditi is 50% likely to break into a dance mid-conversation with you

Nishtha Kapoor
VP Industry Relations

Nishtha is passionate about problem-solving and contributing to society. She has worked in both finance as well as tech-focused roles as part of Deloitte US India and CIBC TLAP. Working closely in the Oil & Gas industry as an external auditor, she realized the key challenges pertaining to environmental impact and the need to resolve them through strong sustainability initiatives. She seeks to create innovative solutions to complex industry challenges by thinking creatively and questioning the status quo.  

Fun Fact: She gets poetic when she is emotional 😉

Tamara Frez Rios
VP Industry Relations

Tamara is excited to learn about good practices across industries regarding Social Impact and Carbon Emissions Reduction.

Fun fact: After years working in mining feeling “guilt” about the industry effects, she now sees the value and importance of responsible mining in the energetic transition to achieve lower carbon emissions.

Alek Jovanovic
VP Engagement

Alek is an avid outdoor enthusiast. His favorite activities include running, camping, biking, and hiking. “Any time outdoors is time well spent” Alek joined Net Impact based on his appreciation for nature and his duty to protect it from climate change. Alek’s main goal as VP of Engagement is to increase the overall level of knowledge surrounding climate change

Fun Fact: Alek can eat incredibly spicy food.

Jasmine Zhao
VP Education – Social Impact

Jasmine holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary. Her professional background encompasses roles in Project Management, Technical Engineering, and Operations Engineering within the Energy Sector. Jasmine also brings extensive experience in non-profit engagement, driven by her passion for creating sustainable impact to improve the lives of others, particularly those in economically disadvantaged communities. Jasmine has worked closely with organizations in gender equity, food security, and poverty alleviation. One of the primary reasons that drew Jasmine to pursuing her MBA, is to explore how business can intersect with impact, fostering positive change across social, environmental, and economic realms. When not volunteering, she loves climbing, hiking, camping, and biking – embracing all things outdoors!

Adrianna Noble
VP Education – Sustainability

Adrianna is passionate for the clean energy transition and the role of financial investment. She joined net impact to supplement and enhance the education at Rotman within the sustainability space. Adrianna enjoys being active, either playing hockey, spike ball, going on longs runs, walks, or practicing yoga.

Fun Fact: Adrianna has an extensive collection of houseplants, currently tending to over 20— and counting!

Updesh Thakwani
VP Finance

Updesh is a CFA Charterholder with an undergraduate degree in Finance and has over 7 years of experience primarily in Investment Management, M&A, Impact Investing, Private Equity and Venture Capital. In his last role, he led the Investments team of a family office based out of the Middle East where his responsibilities ranged from sourcing the investment opportunities to closing the transactions and deploying the funds. In Summer 2023, Updesh interned at Incon Group, a Real Estate Fund, based in Toronto, Canada.

Rohini Sharma
Director Communications