A4S International Case Competition 2024: ‘Adapting Business Models to Support Human Rights for All’

We are partnering with Accounting for Sustainability to provide a unique opportunity for students across the world to help drive sustainable business solutions, with a focus on human rights, wellbeing and development – with the winning team to take home a CA$10,000 cash prize. As a student-led club determined to conduct business with purpose, we are committed to building a sustainable future with the brightest minds of today – which means ensuring students and future leaders have the insights and skills to establish business practices that support human rights for all. We want to work with students, empowering and inspiring them to design and execute the next generation of sustainable, market-driven business models and finance solutions. We therefore invite all students tind out more here and to register their interest here. 

Case Challenge

This year, the A4SICC 2024 is challenging students to examine potential impacts on human rights in corporate business models and strategies, and to develop innovative business practices, approaches and solutions where profits and a commitment and action on human rights go hand in hand.

Teams are asked to select one of the 127 of the world’s most influential companies assessed by the World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) in the 2022 Corporate Human Rights Benchmark and:

  1. Examine connections between the features of their business model (value proposition; value chain; cost structure and revenue model) and potential impacts on people’s human rights.
  2. Develop innovative business practices, approaches and/or solutions for the company to adapt their business model and to address these potential impacts.

For further details on the competition and the upcoming information session, please go to A4SICC.com and subscribe for competition updates or contact Rotman Net Impact at netimpact@rotman.utoronto.ca

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