Coffee Chats

Realizing you are LGBTQ2+, coming out to friends and family, or even knowing how to support a LGBTQ2+ friend can be tough, especially if you don’t have anyone to talk to. Our confidential Coffee Chat program aims to make things a little easier. Students have the opportunity to chat with someone from our community at an off-campus location and be ensured that their conversation remains private.

You can schedule a Coffee Chat to talk about:

  • Joining the LGBTQ2+ community
  • Becoming an Ally
  • Struggling with identifying as LGBTQ2+
  • Learning more about LGBTQ2+ identities and topics
  • Having questions but don’t know who to ask
  • Needing someone to talk to

To book a chat, you can Contact Us indicating that you want to have a confidential chat with a Rotman Pride’s executive member and we can coordinate a meeting. If you feel comfortable sharing a brief description of what you want to talk about, we can determine who would be the best fit for the conversation. Alternatively, if you want to talk to a specific Rotman Pride executive, you can contact that executive directly to set up a time and place to meet.

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