Take a look at available resources for the LGBTQ2+ community at the University of Toronto. Also, explore off-campus and engage with professional organizations and communities around Toronto.

On Campus

  1. Sexual & Gender Diversity Office, University of Toronto
  2. LGBTOUT Drop-In Centre
  3. Centre for Women and Trans People
  4. Sexual Education Centre
  5. Graduate Students’ Union Queer Caucus

To browse through a larger list of LGBTQ2+ student organizations, check out the Sexual & Gender Diversity Office website.

Professional Organizations

  1. Out On Bay Street
  2. Pride At Work Canada
  3. Reaching Out MBA
  4. exeQutive
  5. Canada’s Best Diversity Employers
  6. Venture Out


  1. The 519 Church Street Community Centre
  2. PFLAG Canada
  3. EGALE: Canada Human Rights Trust
  4. Pride Toronto
  5. The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity

A more comprehensive list of community groups (from LGBTQ dance groups to LGBTQ groups for different religions) can be found on The 519 website.

Culture & Media

  1. Daily Xtra
  2. IN Magazine
  3. Inside Out Film Festival
  4. Buddies In Bad Times
  5. Glad Day Bookshop

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