About us

WIMA’s Vision

Our vision is to cultivate a passionate community of leaders who are dedicated to building awareness of and driving action toward gender equality. Our initiatives provide safe spaces to share stories, insights, and ideas. Through unique networking opportunities, personal development workshops, and career exploration support, WIMA enables its members to develop a strong sense of identity and belonging while discovering their potential for leadership. Our rich community includes WIMA members, WIMEN allies, faculty members, Rotman alumni and industry professions. We aim to foster the development of meaningful, lasting relationships within our community to accelerate our collective goal of closing the gender gap in the workplace.


WIMA’s Mission

Our mission is to inspire and empower anyone who identifies as a woman in the Rotman community to be an ambitious, community-oriented, and transformative leader.


Statement of Purpose

Studies conclude that more diverse companies were able to attract better talent, improve customer interface and make better financing decisions which leads to a cycle of increasing returns (Hunt et al., 2015). However, women are underrepresented in all levels of the corporate pipeline. Women benefit from being involved in a community that fosters development, creating strong and supportive networks, and facilitates career discovery and advancement. As allies, men have an opportunity to learn how to best support their female colleagues’ career development. Importantly, learning how to manage diverse teams will make men stronger leaders and help their entire team reach its full potential.


WIMA’s pillars