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Rotman Online Trading Competition (ROTC) 2024 – Winners!

Rotman Online Trading Competition (ROTC) 2024 – Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the Rotman Online Trading Competition 2024!


ROTC 2024 marks the 12th anniversary of this exciting tri-campus event competition and the top 3 performing teams will be invited to form the University of Toronto Team at the Rotman International Trading Competition 2024.


Thank you to all the participating students, and congratulations to the top-performing participants.


1st place:  Ramzi Ashqar & Jania Morshedi

2nd place:  Jiayuan Guo & Zhiheng Li

3rd place:  Ethan Lai & Crystal Zhang


Click here to learn more about this event and to find out when the next event will be taking place!