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RIT Demo

RIT Demo Account

Try the RIT Market Simulator now! Simply follow the instructions on this page to install and run the RIT Client Application. After installing the application, you will be able to connect to a special Rotman demonstration server running the RIT Liability Trading 3 Case featuring dynamic order arrival and liquidity risk. Experience firsthand the versatility of the RIT Market Simulator package.

How to setup an RIT Demo account

Step 1

Follow the directions on the Downloads site to install the RIT Market Simulator Client.

Step 2

Run the RIT Market Simulator Client by double clicking on your desktop icon or by navigating through your start menu.

Step 3

Enter a unique Trader ID and password into the login dialogue box. Then change the Server IP field to “”. Do not change the “10000” field. Click connect to connect to the RIT demonstration server.



If another user has already created a login on the server using the same Trader ID as you, you will get an error “Invalid Trader ID/Password”. If that is the case, change your Trader ID to something different and login again. Otherwise, the system will prompt you “Trader ID does not exist, create new login?” Select Yes.

Step 4

The RIT Market Simulator Server will then prompt you to create a new user. Fill in the fields and click OK. Your Trader ID and Password have now been added to the RIT Demonstration Server user database. In the future, you can reuse the same Trader ID and password and bypass the “Create a New User” process.


Step 5

You are now ready to trade. The RIT demonstration server continuously runs the Liability Trading 3 case. Every 5 minutes when the case ends, the server resets the case and another iteration begins. Read the Liability Trading 3 case file here, or access the step-by-step trading tutorial here.