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Building a legacy of transformative healthcare leaders


Our mission is to empower and support Rotman students of all backgrounds to explore, shape, and achieve their career aspirations in the healthcare and life sciences sectors.


Our vision is to build a legacy of transformative healthcare leaders by inspiring and cultivating passionate, innovative minds at Rotman. This begins with equipping our members with a deep understanding of the industry, the skills to be adaptable in a rapidly evolving sector, and opportunities to create meaningful connections with industry leaders. The Rotman HMA caters to those exploring the industry for the first time and those who come with a depth of experience in the field.


Our community is comprised of accomplished individuals with a diverse set of professional backgrounds, global perspectives, and differing levels of experience in the healthcare industry. As such, our number one priority is to create an inclusive environment that enables each member to cultivate rich experiences and lasting connections that will propel them into successful careers in this exciting field!​

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