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For this upcoming year, BTA aims to have a mix of both virtual and in-person events for a more interactive experience. We believe in learning from lots of different people in lots of different ways. Sometimes this learning comes from simply interacting with and hearing from those out on the field.


August 22, 2023Rotman Club Fair
September 12-14, 2023Structured Coffee Chat
September 12, 2023Kickoff and Social
September 25, 2023Tech 101
October 2-7, 2023BTA Buddy
October 11, 2023Tech and Beyond – HealthTech (BTA x HMA)
November 4, 2023BTA PM Workshop
November 6, 2023BTA Case Competition
November 23, 2023Tech Resume Clinic
December 4, 2023Tech Case Interview Prep
January 22, 2024Tech and Beyond – Women in Tech (BTA x WIMA)
January, 2024Product Management Case Competition
February 1, 2024Industry Night
February 8, 2024Tech and Beyond – Entertainment and Tech Sales (RSC & EMA)

We’re working hard to bring you the best technology related events and case competitions for this academic year. The following is our current schedule, but remember to follow and check our social media accounts and newsletter to be the first to know about the details.

Rotman Club Fair
Come and learn about what BTA can offer you! Get a full picture of what’s to come for the upcoming year and we’ll share our vision for empowering future leaders like you with the latest tech trends, industry events, and networking opportunities that will supercharge your MBA journey!

Structured Coffee Chat
Not sure where to start with Tech or even Rotman? Our Structured Coffee chat allows members to speak directly with our Friends of BTA, second year students who’ve seen it all and done it all. You’ll get a chance to speak directly with those who have walked the path and learn what works and doesn’t!

Kickoff and Social
The first official BTA event for the 2024 year! The event will establish the vision, goal and mission of BTA and how we will be supporting our members. In addition to the introduction of the full BTA event list, the kickoff will give members an opportunity to learn about the experiences and perspectives of second year students, Rotman alumni, and industry advisors. Don’t forget to also sign up for the collab social with RMA and BDC afterwards

Tech 101
What’s available? What’s the progression? What’s the pay? That’s what Tech 101 will answer for you! This in-person event will give you a meaningful educational intro to the opportunities for MBA students in the tech industry including product management, digital strategy, tech sales, product marketing, and tech consulting – if you’re unsure about your career path or simply want to learn more about a certain area in tech, this event is perfect for you!

BTA Buddy
Uncertain about your career path? Need a sounding board? Taking into consideration your own career aspirations, BTA Buddy pairs you with one of our Friends of BTA – over the course of the full academic year, you’ll engage with and have access to a second-year student who will be your trusted source and confidant!

BTA PM Workshop
Interested in Product Management? This full day workshop will showcase everything there is to know about PM. Led by a Google PM (Rotman alumni), not only will you get direct access and clarity on what’s required to becoming an excellent PM, but you’ll learn the exact route on how to land a PM role!

Tech Resume Clinic
Building on our education piece from Tech, members will get direct, relevant and specific feedback on their resumes. From PMM to Tech Sales, we’ll pair members with industry experts who will review, assess, and provide feedback on your resumes. Get expert observations from those who are already in the field you’re looking to get into!

Tech Case Interview Prep
Your resume is sparkling and you got the interview, now what? Learn and practice directly with industry professionals in the relevant career path you’re undertaking. We’ll pair you up with industry experts in your relevant desired Tech roles – from there you’ll get the chance to learn what the interview style is like, what are common questions and how do you prep for them?

Tech and Beyond Series – WIMA, HMA, RSC & EMA
New to this year, BTA”s Tech and Beyond series focuses on heavy collaboration with other Rotman Clubs! Whether it’s Women in Tech, Healthtech or Tech Sales/Entertainment, you’ll have the chance to expand your knowledge within those areas.

WIMA – A space traditionally underrepresented among women professionals. We aim to celebrate diversity, inspire change, and empower female-identifying Rotman students in the technology industry, or hoping to pursue a career in tech. DEI event, only female-identifying members are invited.

HMA – An increasingly growing area in Canada, and specifically in Toronto, HealthTech represents immense growth and opportunities in a massive market. Learn directly from Rotman alumni who have progressed through this industry.

RSC/EMA – Perhaps the largest function that goes under the radar is Tech Sales. The goal is to educate members about what tech sales looks like on a day to day basis and why it can be a good fit for MBA students.

Industry Night
It’s the flagship BTA event! Join us in an evening of connections – members will get a chance to speak directly with industry professionals, and Rotman alumni who work in the Tech industry. The in-person event will provide meaningful and structured conversations giving members the opportunity to expand their networks in the tech sector.