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Case Competitions

We believe case competitions are essential for both students and potential employers. For students, case competitions are an opportunity to apply the knowledge that they’ve gained in the MBA to real life scenarios and problem-solve in a controlled, time-sensitive environment. For employers, this is the opportunity to see what MBA students are capable of and a great opportunity to see and recruit new talent for their field.

What is a case competition?

A case competition is a competition in which teams of MBA students solve a problem or case presented by a sponsoring company. In the past, cases presented to students have included:

  • AI strategies in FinTech
  • New product launches
  • Market research in cryptocurrency

How does a case competition work?

MBA teams are generally 3-6 students in size. BTA holds 2 case competitions annually, often open to neighboring business schools to compete in.

Cases are presented to judges in 3-5 minute pitches. Judges then determine a selection of winners (top 3) who are awarded prizes of the sponsor company’s choosing. A competition may last a single day, as a one-day sprint, or may last up to a week. Subsequent rounds of competition may also be executed, depending on the sponsoring company’s preferences. 

Interested in being a sponsoring company? We would love to hear from you! Please contact us here.

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