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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join the club? How much does it cost?
As a first year student, you’ll meet us at the Clubs Fair in early fall! We’ll provide you with all of the information you’ll need on how to join, and what your club fee for the year (or both years) will be. After joining the club, you’ll automatically be enrolled into our newsletters so all of our latest posts will flow straight into your inbox!

Second year student? Send us an email and we will manually get you added.

Are you all students?
Yes, like other Rotman organizations, this is an entirely student run club! This means all events, planning, coordinating, etc. is done by students, just like you (or past-you)! We are fortunate to have two part-time MBAs join our team this year as well, giving us perspective from all of Rotman’s MBA programs. This does mean that sometimes we get backlogged in exams and emails, but we will do our best to answer any questions you might have ASAP!

What does your logo mean?
Our current logo is an evolution of our last logo, taking it beyond the circuit board/semi-conductors that people tend to think of when they think of tech. The popularization of Spotify, Salesforce, AWS, Bitcoin/various crytocurrencies, and more has shown us that technology has really surpassed the stage of tangible hardware and has entered the realm of non-tangible AI and cloud-based solutions. The sky is our limit as technology has shown us, and we’re not going to stop evolving as we see where to go next! See below for a collection of our historical logos through the years!

What do you mean by being at the center of a ‘collision’?
Business and technology are colliding! Business and technology have become inseparable industries in the past few decades, and no one can escape it. New business models are evolving as new technologies are being discovered to make our lives more convenient each and every day. It is clear that we are no where near the end of the limit yet. As these industries converge on one another, we want to be here to support it all.

How can I get more involved?
We’re always looking for volunteers for events, mentors, sponsors, and more! Please just contact us and we are more than happy to take you up on your offer to help.

Are you a first year student? Demonstrate your passion and nominate yourself to be a representative for your class early in the school year!

I’m from a different school, but I’d like to work with you.
Yes! Please contact us – we love collaborating with our fellow MBA students. Whether you’re in the GTA, Quebec, Chicago, or even Switzerland, we would love to hear from you and help you out wherever we can.