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Our mission & Vision


BTA’s Vision

BTA is proud to be the primary resource for Rotman students venturing into the technology industry and we continue to be dedicated in serving our members in this endeavor.

 Our mission is to empower our members in transitioning and navigating into diverse, meaningful roles within the technology sector through the education of all technology-related functions, the provision of access and connection to the relevant networks, and the nourishment of industry-ready skills.

BTA’s Goals

  • Educate – To showcase all possible roles and roadmaps within the technology industry
  • Connect – To continue to build a technology community within Rotman and to provide direct access and connection opportunities to relevant networks
  • Assist – To nourish industry-ready skills for our members that will lead to tangible outcomes in their career-seeking goals


Come find us in-person or online to learn more.
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